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How Blockchain can Improve B2B Sales Market

Blockchain technology has emerged over the last few years and completely transformed how we see tech. It infiltrated many industries, such as banking, education, healthcare, the energy sector, real estate, and many others. Luckily for many, B2B sales were also affected, as they are part of the chain.  But what is the impact of the […]

6 Best Sales Strategies To Start Using Today

Image source: Pexels In this post, we will discuss the best sales strategies you can use for your business. Increase online sales through social media Social media is one of the unique ways for people to access and consume information online. Nine out of ten retail businesses are active on social platforms. With the data, […]

Using Affirmations to Energize Enterprise Sales Teams

What happens when five enterprise sales managers and a salesperson are suddenly given the opportunity to lead two former National Basketball Association players and a talk show host? To craft this article, I ran an experiment where I played out a Saturday Night Live Episode to six industry professionals, and had them imagine that the cast members are now working in their enterprise sales department. I presented them with specific scenarios to each interviewee, and asked them what they would say to increase the confidence of their new hire. The resulting lessons will teach the sales managers who read how to grow the confidence of their sales team through affirmative statements.

How To Align Digital vs Traditional Sales Strategies

Imag source: Unsplash Having digital sales strategies and traditional sales strategies aligned with one other is one of the most optimal ways to achieve sales targets. While digital sales strategies have become more prominent in the marketing and sales industries over the recent years, traditional sales strategies still prove to be equally effective, especially when […]

Proven Benefits of Using Digital Business Tools

With the advent of modern technology, business and commerce have undergone a paradigm shift in the last few decades. As long as you have an internet connection, you can now reach anyone located in any part of the world and promote your business. Not only that, for some industries, delivering services and products has reached […]

Smart as Opposed to Hard: How Sales Automation Software is Recreating the Professional Business Community

Image source: Unsplash Traditional aspects such a developing a rapport with the prospect and appreciating the needs of the average client have always represented some of the keys to success. However, it is also important to recall that we now live within the digital age. Well-known methods must be augmented with modern strategies if you […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts for a successful customer lifecycle management

Image source: Unsplash For a business to beat their competitors, their understanding of the customer lifecycle journey shouldn’t lack in any manner. To analyze various latest buying trends, brands gather tons of data, such as customer behaviour, income levels, changes in their requirements, what services their competitive brands are offering they lack. All this data […]

Every Leader’s Top 10 Must Read Books On Sales Management

Image source: Unsplash If you’re stepping into your first role as a sales manager, you’ll quickly learn that things move very fast. Positions of leadership always tend to be very fast-paced and full of unique challenges, and sales management is no different. Managing a team, juggling sales targets and keeping your reps motivated as well as […]

How the Increase Of SaaS Businesses Influences B2B Payments’ Popularity

Image source: Unsplash It is no secret that technology has made our lives easier in many ways. One apparent improvement is in how it has eased our fear of online transactions. And we can thank SaaS businesses for this and other improvements in our daily digital activities. Online businesses have gained a lot from SaaS […]

Every Salesperson is a Small Business

All successful sales personnel are far from being your average employees. For becoming a stellar sales representative the approach must get deeper than just hitting the requisite numbers every month. If you are ready to take your sales career to another level it is time to place yourself in the shoes of a small business […]