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The Growth of Influencer Marketing and its role in Lead Generation

Finding and developing talent is more crucial than ever for organizations in today’s cutthroat marketplace. Finding and retaining talent, though, can be challenging. Influencer marketing can help in this situation. Influencer marketing is the process of promoting a message or brand via a person or group of people who are already well-known to the target […]

Sell Me This Pen

A group of men is sitting around a table at a diner. One produces a pen from inside his jacket, saying to one of the others, “Sell me that pen.” “Why don’t you do me a favor,” his friend replies, pen in hand. “Write your name down on that napkin for me.”   “I don’t […]

How To Research Prospects Using The Internet And Search Engines

When undertaking any new task, it’s important that you base your decisions on solid research data. Why? Because this is the best way to guarantee your success. This is just as true in sales as it is in all other areas of life. One aspect of sales in which appropriate research is especially vital is […]

How to Make Your Instagram Store Get You 110% out of Your Sales

Boosting your sales with Instagram is an opportunity many business people neglect or miss. Nevertheless, that never cancels that Instagram remains one of the best-used visual communication platforms that lets you present your offers consistently. Here is everything about your business’s necessities to ensure its Instagram account brings real, material results. 1. Research the Competition’s […]

How to build a social media sales machine

There are billions of people on social media networks, with at least 1.3 million new people joining every day. That’s the reason you need to focus on social media channels. Most millennials, for example, have an account on one or the other social media channel. That means you have ready access to your audience if […]

An Actionable Guide For B2B Lead Generation Through Social Media

Social media marketing has slowly become the most happening and rewarding channel for lead generation. It is not only beneficial for B2C companies but equally effective in cases where B2B companies apply and implement tactful social media strategies. It is a great way for marketers to leverage the channel and move beyond using it for […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Take A Break From Social Media

image source: Pexels Since the advent of Social media platforms, it has marked its presence in almost every household. The glitz and glamor for appreciation and recognition have driven people to limitless usage. Many people simply don’t take a break from social media and this has an adverse impact on their mental health. On average, […]

5 Ways to Take Better Marketing Photos for Your Social Media Campaigns

Image source: Unsplash Visual content and marketing photos are essential for brand image building and social media sales. The importance of the visual is confirmed by research: 56% of users first look at a product photo and only then start reading the description – Baymard Institute; A high-quality visual can increase conversions by 8% – […]

7 Social Media Scheduling Tips and Tricks

You can spend weeks crafting the perfect social media post, only to have it flop and fail to engage because it goes live at the wrong time. This is where scheduling is your greatest asset, giving you the opportunity to help your content gain serious traction. Of course, to master scheduling, you need to know […]

3 Tips for Executing a Content Marketing Strategy on Social Media

Whether you want it or not, content marketing requires a proper strategy. We will show you how to build one.