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Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Take A Break From Social Media

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Since the advent of Social media platforms, it has marked its presence in almost every household. The glitz and glamor for appreciation and recognition have driven people to limitless usage. Many people simply don’t take a break from social media and this has an adverse impact on their mental health. On average, a user spends around 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media sites. Whereas, the total user base has reached 4.62 billion around the world. The leading giants include Facebook (2.91 billion users), Instagram (1 billion users), and Twitter (206 million users).

But what about the psychological impact it creates on an individual with regard to personal, social, and professional life? Have you ever thought about the cons it creates on one’s mental health? Don’t you need a break from social media?

Here in this article, you are going to find out the drastic change social media creates on a user and how it affects their mental health. The article will guide you about the necessary steps to break social media addiction and lead a healthy, happy, and fully satisfied life. So, read on.

Break From Social Media- Some Unhealthy Influences And Their Causes

Social Media Causes Addiction

Why do you use social media and how do you get addicted to it? According to Harvard Researchers, when you use social media it releases dopamine that acts as a social reward. The human brain has four main dopamine receptors with each one associated with various motor and cognitive functions.


When you click on the “like” button or share any posts for instance on Instagram, the reaction is dopamine giving a “good feel” to the brain. In this way, the cycle continues, you share more and more, scroll through the posts, like, comment, and subscribe to the channels and soon you end up becoming an addict. This acts as the first reason why you need a break from social media.

Triggers Insecurities

One of the biggest drawbacks of social media usage is the correlation between social media sites and depression. Most youngsters get attracted to the pompous life of social networking. They learn from a very early age the ways to create a fake or unreal virtual reality of their life. They begin posting only the brighter aspects of their day.

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The way users enhance the beauty of your picture using filters, makes their life look equally fascinating. All of these posts negatively affect the viewers. They feel insecure and unmotivated. They begin to feel bad about what they have and stop valuing the goodness of life.


You need to check the reality behind the picture. If a person fascinates you, try contacting them, meet them and learn about the several battles they are fighting every day. You will be shocked by what you’ll discover.

Enhances The Fear of Missing Out

FOMO- The Fear of Missing Out is one secret of brands to attract their consumers. The trick is very well played through social postings. Phrases like “Time is running out” and “Only 5 are left ” create an urge among the users. They end up getting things they don’t really need. Another way FOMO plays out on social media is that you may miss out on an interesting video as it may disappear from your timeline. Apps like Pinterest utilize this factor to keep users scrolling. This has given the demand to the rise of tools like Pinterest downloaders that are gaining increasing popularity.

Furthermore, it impacts the personal and physical well-being of a person as well. The standards of becoming attractive and charming on social media make users go for bizarre body modifications as they feel it’s important to stay in the limelight.


If you see such a post next time, then take a deep breath and think, do you need it or not? And if you really think these body modifications can make an impact then evaluate the true nature, mental capabilities, and personality traits that attract you. Would you fall for a person who may look like a supermodel but is not compatible with you?


Distraction is the biggest catalyst that makes users stick their eyes on social media sites. Just a glance on your smartphone screen and there goes the next 142 minutes scrolling the sites.

Due to this, users end up delaying their tasks, they procrastinate, make excuses, set impractical targets, and keep on finding excuses to get social media updates.


If you really want to see a change, put aside your phone or close your social media tabs before starting your work. You’ll find how quick, responsive and attentive you become.

An Avalanche of Information

The next biggest reason for taking a break from social media highlights is the easily available information. Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll find how easily you can access an avalanche of information. Within minutes of an incident, videos, pictures, and opinions start flowing on the sites.

You get to know the latest updates, trendy news, and all the hot issues going on across the world. However, there have been cases where users are misled and misguided by false and untrue information.

Moreover, back in 2019, Whatsapp is accused of spreading almost 53.33% of false information. Cases like these have been occurring for far too long and to rectify it social media sites are taking necessary measures.

Social media plays a big role in shaping the opinions, persecutions, and beliefs of a society. When a user gets information stated through a good brand or site they instantly believe it. This creates an impact on their view of life.


You need to double-check and cross-check the information before relying on it. Do check the source of the information and verify it, check whether it’s credible, authentic, or not.


Everything comes with a side effect and so is social media with its many amazing platforms. It’s up to you how you utilize it for your goodness. You need to find out the best possible way to dig out the benefits and reap the outcomes that can let you lead a healthy and prosperous life. The time is now. You need to take charge of your life. Unshackle the chains, break social media addiction and turn it into a successful opportunity.

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