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How to Equip Your New Hires to Make Sales Fast

Image Source: Unsplash The goal of most organizations is to reduce onboarding time to rack-up sales quickly, but that typically results in an unprepared sales department. While this practice is more common in remote teams, in-office professionals also struggle to make sales if they aren’t well trained. If you want to equip new hires with […]

8 Great Reasons to Give Out Awards and Trophies Within Your Company

Image source:  ALT Keywords: Happy employee holding trophy. Many companies are waking up to the fact that giving out awards or trophies to their employees has many advantages, both for the workers and the business.  If your company is not yet giving out employee recognition awards, here are eight reasons why you should certainly […]

Why Customer Trust is Important for Your Business and Brand

Photo by Negative Space What are some of the factors which define a successful brand? Common answers will include quality products, targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer service solutions. However, it is just as important to remember that transparency is also crucial and this arises from building trustworthy relationships. A staggering 81 per cent of […]

3 Ways to Intelligently Use Influencer Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Even though “influencer” is a new term associated with social media, brands have been using people of influence, a.k.a. celebrities, long before Instagram and even the Internet. Some brands, like Nike, even developed separate sub-brands that become iconic, standalone status symbols like Air Jordan apparel. But, thanks to Internet influencers, you no longer have to […]

8 Unique Ways to Thank Customers for Their Purchase

Image source: Pexels Showing genuine appreciation helps build closer relationships with customers on their journey through your client map. Thanking customers is elementary, but surprisingly, few companies ever take the time to thank buyers for their business sincerely. In this dog-eat-dog world of competitive businesses, the way to stand out and carve out your own […]

How To Be An Influencer Without Hurting Your Own Happiness

Image source: Pexels If you’re social media savvy and have a knack for creating engaging posts, then you could be an influencer. For those at the top it’s a glamorous lifestyle, and who hasn’t dreamed about sipping champagne in a five star hotel? However, it’s a harder job than it looks, and it’s very easy […]

The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Influencer Outreach Strategy

Image source: Pexels Despite having a solid influencer outreach strategy, you may find that your best efforts to gain partnerships with influencers fall flat. This is partly due to the speed and short attention span of the world of social media, where you only have a few words and a few seconds to make an […]

Build a Home-Based Business for Long-Term Success and Autonomy

Image via Pixabay Home business ownership can be a path toward both financial stability and personal autonomy. It allows you to put your skills and training into the service of your own dreams, not someone else’s. Plus, for the socially conscious entrepreneur, managing your own business is your opportunity to live out your principles and […]

Tips to Onboard and Coach a New Sales Rep

Image source: Unsplash Onboarding an employee is a process of training that employee and getting them acquainted with the organization. Onboarding sales representatives usually includes the normal best practice of having them review your organization’s handbook and attend orientation meetings. However, there is a need to train them and let them know what their responsibilities […]

13 Sales Rules for Experienced Managers

The sales team is crucial to the success of a business, as water is to humans. They are the backbone of any profitable venture, and without them, your business will hardly get any returns on investment.  The key role of the sales team is to build a relationship with your prospective clients. It can be through […]