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How to Keep Your Sales Team Happy and Productive

Image source: Pexels A happy sales team is also a productive sales team, so it makes sense to do everything you can to improve morale and encourage their efforts. Here’s a look at some of the tactics you can use to enhance sales team job satisfaction and empower them to operate optimally. Doing so should […]

How to Hire the Best Sales Reps

Sales is the most important job in any company. After all, until someone sells something, no one else has a job — and your company cannot exist! Hiring productive Sales Reps proves crucial to your company’s growth. To hire the best Sales Reps, start by making list of your “superstars.” By “superstars, I mean Sales […]

Hiring success and hiring failure. The shocking economic difference between getting it right or wrong when hiring salespeople.

Part 1 There has not yet (to my knowledge) been a definitive economic study looking at the economic impact of poor hiring decisions. It is a clear truth that most people would realise that a poor recruitment decision can be very costly. Many organisations, though, are too accepting of their poor hiring record and little […]

Predictive Analytics and the End of Bad Sales Hires

Sales organizations are experiencing stagnant growth, sooner rather than later, because they consistently make the wrong hiring choices at every level of the organization, especially at the top. The people, processes, and tools companies use to evaluate sales candidates are deeply flawed and susceptible to unconscious bias at every data or touch point. Too often, […]

How to pick the best applicant for your sales position

Interview tips for hiring the best candidate You have one sales opening and a slew of candidates that look good on paper. Who do you hire? If you’ve ever made a bad decision and hired the wrong person for the job, you are in good company. I’d wager that anyone who’s done any long term […]

3 Easy Ways to Retain Top Talent

How to retain a sales people without spending more money In reflecting on non-financial aspects of my job that make me feel most satisfied and most loyal to my employer, I came up with 3 things that I am grateful for today. As a sales manager, I prioritize trust, flexibility, and recognition as non-monetary ways […]

Want to Hire the “Michael Jordan” of Sales in your Industry?

Start By Asking Yourself Four Things About The Competition “We only want to target our competitor’s top performing sales ‘A’ players”. As a recruitment professional, I hear this comment from sales leaders nearly every week. Taken at face value, it’s logical. After all, what self-respecting sales leader would ever admit to wanting to hire anything […]

Hire Salespeople Who Will Sell

As you take stock of your team’s performance, what concerns you most? Is it the challenge of maintaining your company’s market share? Are you worried that your salespeople are not selling? Are you concerned that they even have what it takes to sell? Recruiting is the biggest problem identified by the companies participating in my […]

Post Summer Employee Recognition Ideas

Summer is over and for most, this means that vacations have run their course and the sprint to the holidays is on. With all of your staff back in the office, productivity is sure to increase and depending upon your industry, this could mean the difference between hitting and missing your Q3 and Q4 results. […]

Three Ways to Help New Sales Hires Ramp Faster

Ramping new sales hires quickly is one of the most important things a sales manager can do. It’s also frequently overlooked as managers get pulled into activities more directly related to making the number for the month or the quarter. When it comes to saving the quarter or saving the new hire, most managers will […]