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What do you say when your customer says, “Your Price is too high”?

The “three step price bump” can refocus your prospect on the value of your offer. If you’re selling in the home or business-to-business, negotiating price is important to your company’s bottom line and to yours. Your commission depends on the selling price. The statement, “Your price is too high” is a very common objection. So, […]

How to pick the best applicant for your sales position

Interview tips for hiring the best candidate You have one sales opening and a slew of candidates that look good on paper. Who do you hire? If you’ve ever made a bad decision and hired the wrong person for the job, you are in good company. I’d wager that anyone who’s done any long term […]

The first 5 seconds of your sales call can make you or break you

How to make a great first impression The first 5 Seconds of Your Sales Call Can Make You or Break You In sales everything counts. When you first meet your prospect he or she will immediately form an impression of you. Fair or not, this first impression will influence the progress of your sales call […]