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Managing a Multigenerational Workforce in a Perfect Work-from-Home Arrangement

Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z—these days, no matter what age you are, people are perfectly happy to slot you neatly into a little generational box and call it a day. Is this right? While differences in age and perspective can result in varying social values, no one is defined solely by what year […]

The Most Important Discipline of Employee Motivation

As all good employers know, happy employees result in a thriving workplace. Placing a strong focus on employee satisfaction and motivation benefits not only your staff but the company as a whole. Additionally, it’s extremely fulfilling to know that you’ve managed to create a workplace environment in which people feel motivated, comfortable, and fulfilled.   […]

Strategy Consulting: What It Is & How to Succeed in it

Strategy consulting is a lucrative career if you’re willing to put in the effort to become a valuable and result-oriented consultant for businesses. In fact, the strategy consulting market is expected to grow to $101.75 billion by 2027. Despite this huge expected growth, the market is not saturated yet.     In a survey of […]

10 Best Sales Management Books of All Time | Expert Experience

Searching for the best sales management books? We’ve saved you some time on googling and comparing the books and created a list of must-reads selected by experts who explain why each of those is worth not simply reading but using as a guide to close more sales day to day.   Sip knowledge from the […]

4 Ways You Can Sharpen Your Focus to Build Your Business

Image source: Unsplash The day-to-day functions of running a company can send you all over the place. Urgent tasks and problems that crop up have you putting out fires while you’re also managing the less-urgent (but essential) projects at the heart of your business. Sometimes you need to take a step back and regain your […]

7 Useful Tips to Help Increase the Sales of Your Multigenerational Team

Handling a multigenerational team can be tricky. For one, each generation requires a unique managerial style. Second, every person has their way of getting things done. If you want to help your diverse sales team improve, here are seven valuable tips that you can apply.  Understanding Generational Differences When you’re responsible for managing multigenerational workforce, […]

Why Lead Qualification Isn’t A Job For Sales Professionals

  Sales professionals wear a lot of hats throughout their day. As well as being a sales star, you are also an administrator, a customer service agent, and even a reluctant phone tagger!  Too often, all these roles are seen as part of a sales professional’s job – but this needs to change. Only 35% […]

How to Conduct Sales Training for New Hires: A Manager’s Guide

Image source: Unsplash Research has shown that 68% of employees say training and development is a company’s most important activity. Sales training is particularly crucial to a company’s success and can give you an edge over your competitors. In fact, according to research, the calibre of a salesperson in the B2B environment is the most important […]

Hottest Sales Trends of 2021

The impact of 2020 was far-reaching, especially for sales and marketing teams. Even though things have changed as a result of the global pandemic, sales activity hasn’t stopped.  Over the past year, many companies have had to rethink their strategies, and we saw remote sales become common almost overnight. Going forward, sales and marketing teams […]

Leading Through the Cycle of Performance

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the Cycle of Performance (COP), an unconscious process that your mind goes through every time you start something new in life, whether it’s a new training routine, a nutrition plan, a new career, or anything else. The COP has four phases – Inception, Deception, Transformation, and Identity. […]