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How Contract Management Software Can Speed Up Your Sales Process

Many sales leaders agree that the highly anticipated and crucial part of a sales cycle is when the deal moves into the contract stage.  But do you know that time kills deals? Every second spent looking for the latest contract version, waiting for legal approval, and going back and forth in the negotiations process is […]

Do You Want To Be A Hospitality Manager? An Overview Of Hospitality Management

Image source: Pexels Hospitality management is a field of education that oversees the hospitality industry. It covers different industries like travel, food, events, and others. In simple terms, when you’re the manager of a hotel, you want to make sure it’s welcoming and makes guests feel the comfort of their home in a hotel. Many […]

What to Prepare Before Raising a Venture Capital Funding

Pitching to capitalists for a venture capital funding for your startup can be challenging. That’s because VCs can be selective of the business that they want to invest in. It is their money, after all! However, it does not mean that they are stingy. Perhaps they do not agree to fund your business because you […]

How to Start a Podcast for Your E-commerce Business

According to a 2019 Edison Research, Americans who listen to a podcast every week increased to 175% since 2014. As someone who runs an e-commerce business, the data shows that you might start a podcast. Doing so allows you to reach an untapped audience. This can also mean bringing in a new set of prospects […]

7 Useful Tips to Help Increase the Sales of Your Multigenerational Team

Handling a multigenerational team can be tricky. For one, each generation requires a unique managerial style. Second, every person has their way of getting things done. If you want to help your diverse sales team improve, here are seven valuable tips that you can apply.  Understanding Generational Differences When you’re responsible for managing multigenerational workforce, […]

8 Low-Cost Packaging Ideas for Your Small Online Business

  Your packaging is more than just protecting your products. It also serves as an opportunity to connect with your customers. For one, your packaging showcases your branding strategy. That’s because customers should quickly associate a product with your brand. Second, it allows you to reiterate your core values. If you value sustainability, you can […]