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5 CRM Business Solutions Built For Large Enterprises

CRM business solutions are embedded in the DNA of modern enterprises and are an integral part of commercial success. They have become widespread, so there are now many different CRM solutions on the market. This article will overview the 5 best CRM business solutions built for large enterprises.     Salesforce Perhaps Salesforce can be […]

Top Sales KPIs Your Business Needs to Focus on for Growth

KPIs are a significant source of valuable information for any business. They can be an essential tool for sales managers to use as a way of observing how their sales staff is operating. KPIs can offer insight into what is and isn’t working.     The following are five of the most imperative Key Performance Indicators your […]

The Sales Funnel

If you ever watch an episode of Shark Tank you know the number one asked question is what are your revenues? So ask yourself ‘what are the revenues’ of your current business. If you don’t know, a good idea would be to start measuring the revenues. If you do know, are they at a level […]

5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Some might be a little counterintuitive, some common sense, some you just may not have thought of.. Here are 5 do’s and don’t for the holiday season that I have either noticed work well for others, or have worked well for me in the past. Some of them might be a little counterintuitive, some may […]

Dust Off Your Old Proposals — You May Find a Vein of Gold

Your file of prior proposals to your existing customers may be an excellent source of new business. Top performers make a habit of digging deeper than the first problem that surfaces when developing a needs analysis for a new prospect. That comes with the territory when you are doing consultative selling the right way. After […]

Big Picture v Detail?

The cost of not knowing your customers’ preferences Have you ever asked a client a question that can be answered in a sentence or two and they’re still talking 10 minutes later? Or maybe asked for more detail on a sales issue and been given a one line answer? Are you the person that is […]

Stop Managing the Pipeline, and Start Managing Your Sales Team

How much time and money do you devote to your company’s sales pipeline? Think about the resources, the software, the meetings, the forecasting, the managing and measuring you do, and the time and effort you give it. If you’re like most CEO’s or VP’s or sales managers, your sales pipeline is your life blood. It’s […]

Why Build a Qualified Sales Pipeline

If your management asks you to check your sales pipeline that means you need to pay attention to the leads you are generating and how qualified they are. Your sales numbers will dip if the sales pipe line is not steady and strong enough to help you reach your sales targets. If you are not […]

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

Every sale goes through the same basic cycle, from prospecting for leads all the way through to asking for referrals from your new customer. But the length of this cycle can vary greatly depending on the product or service you’re selling, along with a few other factors. In most cases, the more expensive a product […]

The 4 Secrets of Leadership

Can you name the one or two best sales managers, or business owners you ever worked for? If so, how did they make you feel? What qualities or traits did they have in common, or which ones do you most try to emulate in your own company? I work with a lot of business owners […]