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4 Common Reasons Sales Fail

Every salesperson has experienced those annoying situations where you’ve set up an appointment, given a great presentation, the prospect expresses interest, and then… that’s the last you hear from the prospect. These breakdowns are particularly frustrating because they often happen after the salesperson is sure the sale will close and after he has invested plenty […]

Know Your Sales Metrics

There are two steps to achieving any goal. The first step is to determine the exact goal you want to reach. The second is determining how you’ll get there. With regards to sales quotas, your sales manager will usually tell you what your goal is, which takes care of step 1. Knowing how your sales […]

Sales Prospecting

Your Pipeline Could Be Fuller Sales Prospecting — if you think it’s something you can do once a year with the same attention you pay to organizing your garage or closet, forget it! Sales prospecting is like taking a shower. You better be doing it daily. Keeping your pipeline of prospects full is no easy […]