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The 5 Greatest Habits To Maximize Your Energy Levels

Image source: Pexels Energy is everything.  Without energy, you can’t perform at your best when it matters most. If you don’t have energy, how can you expect to be productive when you work, be present with your family and friends, or even enjoy your life. Being at your best is determined by your energy levels.  […]

Stand Out From the Crowd

image source: pexels The trend away from in-person interactions in 2020 has picked up steam in 2021. This has been a game-changer for most sales professionals. To be successful, salespeople are going to need to adapt their strategies and learn how to stand out from the crowd and establish rapport and credibility with a virtual […]

Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

salesforce developer certification Salesforce Administrator Guide designed for techies who have a good Experience with Salesforce. In addition, who constantly look for directions, in their companies who get extra features and capabilities. The exam goes with In-depth applications, features, and functions that available to an end-user. The configuration and management options offered to an administrator […]

The Winning Edge Theory

Achieving Exponential Rewards for Being Just a Little Bit Better Today we are bombarded with “transformation” propaganda from experts and gurus who promise to share their life-changing secrets. Let’s face it, the idea that one can have a big “AHA MOMENT” and then instantly transform their status in life is a sexy idea. Perhaps the […]

How Women Can Give Their Careers a Much-Needed Boost

Here are some insights on methods for reaching new heights in your work-related goals. Are you looking for ways to improve your prospects, but aren’t sure where to start? If your career is in need of invigorating, you have a few avenues to explore. Here are some insights on methods for reaching new heights in […]

Who Told You That You Can’t Succeed?

Meshell’s Success Misnomer #1 — There is no can’t. There is an infinite number of ways to get to your desired result. Let’s get right down to it. The reason we struggle is not that of a lack of resources. But instead, it is our beliefs limiting our ability to activate our resourcefulness. Most often […]

Think and Grow Rich, Never give Up And You Will Get Rich

You Don’t Put a Timeline on Passion, You Give It Everything It Takes. I was having one of those days, in the life of the salesperson, where you just need a little pep talk. Or, more bluntly put, a good kick in the ass. I just couldn’t seem to get focused and moving. As these […]

Software Industry 2018 – Changes in The Job Market

Read on How Job market change in the future due to the Software Industries. With smarter technologies and a perceptive shift in the way employees are hired and retained, a lot of changes are expected to come in the year 2018 in terms of the new jobs that will hit the market, the old jobs […]

5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Some might be a little counterintuitive, some common sense, some you just may not have thought of.. Here are 5 do’s and don’t for the holiday season that I have either noticed work well for others, or have worked well for me in the past. Some of them might be a little counterintuitive, some may […]

Network for a Job

Ask for Help with a Clear Purpose Get over the guilt, the shyness, and the embarrassment about asking for help in your job search. Change the way you ask for help, as well. Let’s break it down… Your embarrassment and guilt comes across as lacking confidence Elizabeth secured a meeting with Frank for help on […]