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Why a Great Storytelling Technique Makes Marketing Emails More Effective

Email marketing is still among the most effective methods to get your messaging to your target audience. It’s even the preferred method of distributing content. However, with over 340 million emails sent and received daily, marketers must find a way to stand out.  Based on the latest data from Constant Contact, the overall average open […]

30+ Conversation Starters for Any Situation

Trust is the foundation of any kind of relationship. But it becomes even more important when you’re in sales, as you’re continuously building networks among colleagues, bosses, and clients.  That’s why conversations are very important—and your ability to break the ice, even more so.   Knowing how to get a conversation started can open an […]

47 Motivational Quotes To Start Your Day

Every morning brings a great new chance to start your day motivated and positive—and maybe even do something extraordinary. One way to kickstart a successful day is by reading motivational quotes. Inspiring motivational quotes are excellent reminders that there are things we have to look forward to. They also encourage us to deal with tough […]

How to Set Up a Strong Sales Mentorship Program?

As a sales manager or business owner, you know it’s essential for sales teams to have the tools they need to be successful. Sales training gives new hires the techniques, skills, and knowledge of your sales process, ensuring everyone is on the same page. But if your sales organization doesn’t have a sales mentorship program, […]

6 Inspirational Quotes About Learning From Failure

Failure is an inevitable part of life. You may not like it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s something everyone has to learn to live with—and even embrace. In fact, embracing failure and using it as an opportunity to learn and grow is one of the most effective ways to develop as an […]

The Best Sales Books of All Time: Top 1O Reads for Sales Professionals

Whether you’re embarking on a new sales career or are a veteran looking for ways to sharpen your skills, one of the best pieces of advice is to learn from those with more experience. And when it comes to learning, you can never go wrong with a good book!   Here, we’ve compiled a list […]

5 Ways You Can Turn Your Ideas Into Products

Innovation is the open secret of successful entrepreneurs and companies today. They develop ideas to make work easier or make things accessible to others. However, most innovators cannot turn these ideas into actual products. This is because they barely have the internal resources to actualize these ideas or do not have the funds to invest […]

8 Great Reasons to Give Out Awards and Trophies Within Your Company

Image source:  ALT Keywords: Happy employee holding trophy. Many companies are waking up to the fact that giving out awards or trophies to their employees has many advantages, both for the workers and the business.  If your company is not yet giving out employee recognition awards, here are eight reasons why you should certainly […]

The 5 Greatest Habits To Maximize Your Energy Levels

Image source: Pexels Energy is everything.  Without energy, you can’t perform at your best when it matters most. If you don’t have energy, how can you expect to be productive when you work, be present with your family and friends, or even enjoy your life. Being at your best is determined by your energy levels.  […]

Stand Out From the Crowd

image source: pexels The trend away from in-person interactions in 2020 has picked up steam in 2021. This has been a game-changer for most sales professionals. To be successful, salespeople are going to need to adapt their strategies and learn how to stand out from the crowd and establish rapport and credibility with a virtual […]