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Hiring Success or Hiring Failure: Hunting for a Professional Salesperson

How should you go about hiring a new employee and be sure you won’t regret your decision later? It seems the question is unnecessary: job aggregators’ libraries boast massive CV collections of sales people for hire; just pick the most suitable person and run your business happily ever after.

Sounds like a ready-made plan, doesn’t it?


And here we’re approaching the main problem with hiring sales teams: it turns out that a large number of people who perform sales duties are far from professionals.


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This has a direct impact on your revenue.

If you hire a sales person without properly considering your options, you could end up hiring the wrong person, losing about 2-3 months of productive work and up to $400,000 per year.


So, when hiring salespeople, how can you avoid falling into this trap?


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Hiring Sales: Steps to Take 

Before you even start looking through resumes and reading cover letters, one important task has to be completed.

It will support you through all the stages of the HR process and remind you of your initial goals.


It’s called a hire sales reps plan, and if followed step-by-step, it will lead you to a successful decision. The process may look like this:


  • Setting up a strategy
  • Clearly defining who your ideal candidate is
  • Asking the team for assistance
  • Conduct various tests


Let’s get started with the key point to any successful headhunt.


Salesperson Recruitment Strategy

What does this term mean? Well, it refers to how you go about recruiting new salespeople for your business.

Try not to see this process as a mere formality; the more effort you put in, the more top-performing employees you will get.


The usual components of sales recruiting strategies are:


  • Hiring at the right time for your company when you have a real demand
  • Updating your hiring profile
  • Designing a job description that will attract the right people
  • Holding interviews to sort out eligible professionals
  • Choosing between the best candidates
  • Offering fair compensation to the successful applicant


The strategy stages may vary, but never skip formulating a solid plan to hire lead generation superheroes.


Defining Your Ideal Sales Candidate

 There’s a list of qualities that are vital for your team and your industry.

For example, if you prioritize intelligence, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities, ask yourself whether all of these can harmoniously exist in one person; and if not, decide what you can sacrifice to hire sales reps.


Remember that if you want an independent sales monster, there are going to be differences in opinions; they might have their own ideas about how to do things, ideas which might conflict with your own.

 After you’ve defined your ideal salesperson, think of how to hire sales people according to what you need.


Will it be through recruiting agencies, websites, or by referral from those you can trust? As soon as the answers are ready, start your hunt.


The Role of Teamwork When Hiring Sales People

 Say you have 5-7 candidates sitting in your office; should you face them alone?

Definitely not; potential candidates should meet as many members of your team as possible during the sales professionals recruitment process. 


  • Discuss your expectations with your colleagues
  • Share the hiring profile you’re interested in
  • Provide them with documents about the position


When hiring sales representatives, let each member of the team arrive at their own conclusion about the applicant.

For that, they should participate in interviews, whether as the interviewer or simply as a quiet observer.


Work out an estimation scale when hiring salespeople, perhaps from 0 to 5. Define potential red flags and ask your team members to rank the applicant while keeping these criteria in mind.


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Don’t Let a Perfect Sales CV Mislead You

A well-tailored CV is not yet a guarantee of a successful deal. Our first piece of advice would be to test the claims for yourself.


  • Roleplay a sales scenario with your potential recruit. Do they display the key qualities outlined in your job posting?
  • Ask a candidate to finish the open-question sentences. That’s a quick way to estimate their temperament and their skill at explaining and drawing conclusions. 
  • Ask the candidate questions about their professional duties. This might be about how they close deals or speak to a reluctant client. 
  • Informal communication. Try this practice when hiring salespeople: rather than chatting in an office setting, consider having a casual cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere to put the candidate at ease.



 Hiring a Sales Professional

 Now, you’ve made it!

The candidate seems to fit in with the rest of your team and has all (or almost all) the skills you wanted. It’s finally time to hire. 


What can go wrong at this stage?


  • Firstly, the candidate might decide against your company.
  • Secondly, you might wait for too long to offer the position. The best time to contact the successful candidate is 24 hours after the final interview stage.


So, to hire salespeople, you have to be pretty quick: when working out a hiring strategy, interviewing people and contacting them.

Understand your needs, and you will spend less time searching for the most reliable sales superstar.

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