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8 Unique Ways to Thank Customers for Their Purchase

Image source: Pexels

Showing genuine appreciation helps build closer relationships with customers on their journey through your client map. Thanking customers is elementary, but surprisingly, few companies ever take the time to thank buyers for their business sincerely.

In this dog-eat-dog world of competitive businesses, the way to stand out and carve out your own place in the market is to focus on establishing meaningful customer experiences through word of mouth, loyalty, and genuine customer appreciation.

To help you out, we list 7 unique ways you can thank customers for their purchase:

#1 Be Personal: Send a Handwritten Card

In the days of texting, emails, and social media, people majorly forgot the beauty of sending or receiving handwritten thank you cards. So, why not remind them of it?

Instead of sending a thank you email that might just end up in email spam, take out pen and paper and write a thoughtful thank-you card. The joy of receiving happy mail you can actually hold in your hand is invaluable! 

NOTE: A random thank you note won’t carry any big message. Make sure you know (and emphasize in your letter) what you are thankful for. Also, be honest about what this means to you as a person.

Communicating how their being a customer makes a difference to you is exceptionally meaningful and a sure way to build a long-lasting relationship.

#2 Surprise Them with Free Services During a Challenging Time

Amid COVID-19, social distancing, and the “new reality,” some brands went above and beyond to help people adjust to difficult circumstances we were all equally a part of. 

Unlocking seminars, offering movie platforms for free, extending paid plans to unlimited membership, food delivery discounts, cutting prices in half, etc., were just figments of ways companies were looking to be there for their customers. 

Their message was clear: they didn’t want to profit from a global pandemic – they wanted to help the customer survive. 

If you haven’t already, you can follow in their footsteps and be there for your client in challenging times. 

#3 Connect with Causes Close to Customers, Then Give Back

The holiday season is usually that time of year when we all send thank-you cards and gifts to each other. Why not push the envelope and do something different this year?

For instance, instead of sending just a card, donate money in each client’s name to a charity that aligns with their vision and values. If your budget doesn’t allow spending in this manner, a reasonable, bulk sum in the name of your company will also do. 

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Let’s bet this will make them happier than any gift you may send them! Plus, they’ll appreciate knowing how far you’d go to show you care for them.

#4 Stand Your Ground on Big Issues

In the 21st century, there’s no more being quiet on important issues. And, those same issues are no longer just a matter of individual rebellion – they have grown into a global, collective discourse we are all invited to participate in, and that means brands too.

Instead of shying away from complicated and sometimes difficult issues like mental health, sexism, racism, LGBTQ+ rights, gun control, layoffs, etc., show where you stand, and stand by the groups you support. Make sure the things you say are compelling, well-researched, and respectful.

Supporting your customers on topics they find relevant is one of the most rewarding ways to say thank you. The more open and vocal you get, the better.

#5 Engage in Face-to-Face Conversations

All of us – our customers included – just want to be seen and heard. 

Engaging with customers in person is a fantastic way to thank them for supporting your business every day. If you are too busy or we happen to need to social distance again, a conversation over video chat should do, too.

NOTE: Don’t make the conversion rigid. Instead, ask about the landscape of their lives and how it matches your business. Understanding these things helps build stronger relationships and opens doors to giving your clients more assistance moving forward.

#6 Send Unexpected Freebies

What’s more fun than receiving something unexpectedly and something you actually enjoy?

Whether you decide to send out holiday and anniversary-themed treats to clients, add free products to their basket unexpectedly, or choose to surprise them with a bonus purchase (on you) on their next buy, it’ll all go a long way. 

Reward their loyalty from time to time, make them feel seen and appreciated, and you’ll have a customer for as long as you have a brand.

#7 Provide Value-Added Content

Go beyond your customers’ expectations with value-added marketing and, consequently, establish a sense of delight amongst them. 

For example, why not give your most treasured customers free access to exclusive content as a token of your thanks? 

These can be video tutorials, blog posts, a free trial on a coaching platform, unique style guides and look books, or any other type of content relevant to your industry. Chances are they’ll find this content both educational and a way to learn more about your products and benefit from your industry knowledge. 

Making valuable content available to your star customers enhances the customer experience, demonstrates your commitment to put customers first, and helps position your brand as an industry leader. This can have a massive impact on the way customers view your brand, strengthening brand reputation with every interaction.

#8 Share Love via an Exclusive Thank You Event

Whether you want to organize an exclusive event that celebrates your customers, i.e., one you’ll throw in their honor, or plan an entire week that’s just about them – that’s up to you. As long as your mindset is customer-centric, you can’t go wrong.

If you are unsure of ways to show gratitude to your customers, crowdsource by asking them, “How can we thank you? Do you feel appreciated by our brand? How can we show that we appreciate you?”, and similar – then listen carefully to what they have to say. They may share ideas that are even more creative than your own.

Customer appreciation week/day/event can become an annual event everyone in your community is looking forward to every year!

Final Thoughts

For those looking to stand out against established competitors, you must find the right moments of opportunity. Competing on price or efficiency is rarely practical; however, differentiating yourself with traits like the product, brand, and customer service are the things that will make you stand out.

Being purposeful, intentional, and personal when thanking your customers can create connections, help showcase the human aspect of your brand, and build customer retention. Good luck!

About the author

David Wachs is the founder and CEO of Handwrytten – Handwriting Services for Brands. David is also a frequent speaker on messaging technology and has presented for the Direct Marketing Association, South By Southwest, and others.