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Don’t Volunteer For Job Opportunities

Unless You Are Doing It for the Right Reasons The job marketing is becoming increasingly competitive, and many young people are looking to volunteer so that they can fluff out their CV. They know that volunteers are always in short supply, and it’s a sure way to gain some work related experience. But volunteering can […]

Keep Going with the Top Eight Motivational Quotes for Job Seekers

Hearing “NO” in your every next sales job interview can be very demotivating. With a feeling of being knocked down by your destiny, continuing with job search efforts becomes even more challenging. If you are going through the same phase of your career, it is the time to boost your motivation. Remember, even the influential […]


When is it wise to start loooking for a new job to protect yourself. Author: CB Bowman, CEO Executive Leadership, LLC Website: Email to Specializing In: Executive Coaching/Development & Career Management When clients who have been eliminated from their positions come to us for career transition/management, they usually tell us that they […]

How to Use Social Media to Stay Unemployed in 3 Dreadful Steps

This post originally appeared on the Business Journals site LinkedIn is a great networking tool and I use it all the time. In fact I received the following via LinkedIn two weeks ago. I present it here word for word, only changing the sender’s name to protect the innocent (or, in this case, the guilty). […]

Employed but Stuck? Turn Up the Heat on Your Internal Job Search

You’ve been in the same job for over three years. Feeling a little stale? A promotion or change of pace would be ideal and you’ve seen some interesting jobs on your company’s internal career website. Or maybe there isn’t exactly what you’d like, but you want to do some further exploration by networking. What do […]

Network for a Job

Ask for Help with a Clear Purpose Get over the guilt, the shyness, and the embarrassment about asking for help in your job search. Change the way you ask for help, as well. Let’s break it down… Your embarrassment and guilt comes across as lacking confidence Elizabeth secured a meeting with Frank for help on […]

Successful Job Searching Takes a Lot of Time! Don’t Kid Yourself Otherwise

Successful job searching takes a lot of time! Get over it. After mentoring and hiring hundreds of job seekers, the number one surprise response I get when I give advice on job search process is, “Wow, this takes so much time!” I’m even more concerned by the proclamation that, “I don’t have the time to […]

Program Review: NASP Sales Certification Program

A 45-Day Journey to Your Best Professional Self The way I would describe the CPSP program is this: “It’s a 45-Day Journey towards your professional best.” Vision… Belief… Habits… These three things are at the core of a very unusual, emotionally intense and profoundly effective program. The CPSP sales coaching program has but one objective: […]

Three Ways to Reduce Job-Search Stress

Conducting a job search is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. In fact it ranks right up with losing a spouse or bringing home a new baby as the most stressful times in life. Stress in a job search is unavoidable, but there are things you can do to help alleviate the […]

Get Back To Work!

Three Tips for Women Re-Entering the Job Market One of the toughest career challenges for women is re-entering the job market after a break in employment. Women experience employment breaks for various reasons: To stay home with babies and/or young children To care for elderly parents To continue their education To manage personal health issues […]