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The Five Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Nervous about booking a meeting with a C-Level Executive? Read our latest article to learn the four different types of executives so you can align and build rapport easily. PLUS – The five mistakes to avoid!

The 5-Step Method of Handling Objections

image credit flickr Overcoming Objections in Sales I get so many requests asking me how to handle objections, that I thought I’d go ahead and give you the secret method that I reveal in my in-person trainings – the definite way you should handle and deal with all objections. This is a Top 20% favorite […]

Strengthen your sales strategy with knowledge age tools

We as sales professionals are here to maximize the outcomes. One key strategy to add is a knowledge age data visualization tools. Modernizing programs and technology-specific dynamic analytics are bringing in efficiencies for most of our clients. Since clients are looking forward to seeing the same pattern in you, it has become imperative for us […]

Your biggest sales leadership challenge so far!

Your biggest sales leadership challenge so far! It looks like things are moving in the direction of an exit from where we have been towards the creation of the new way forward. What does that mean for Sales Leaders? If you haven’t already it’s worth starting with last week’s blog My mindset observations during lockdown! […]

My mindset observations during lockdown!

My mindset observations during lockdown! During the COVID lockdown, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a large number of sales people, sales leaders and sales enablement clients and contacts. I’ve noticed mindset step changes occurring around every 3 weeks and thought you might find my observations interesting for yourself and your sales team. […]

Everything you do has an impact!

Everything you do has an impact! Everything you do has an impact of some sort…as will everything you choose not to do! You only have to look around the world at our political leaders to see evidence of the impact of decisions on the population and our environment. I’ve seen an increase of criticism of […]

Commitment to Dedication

Being dedicated to your goal When you are committed to one thing, but your teams focus is not as dedicated as you thought, you fall short of meeting your goal. You must have one or the other to be successful, but knowing how to make both of them work together is where the magic happens. […]

Leadership starts with you!

Leadership starts with you! To lead others, you have to be able to lead yourself. What do I mean by that? You have many parts within you…the part of you that wants to be a great coach and the part that wants to jump in and fix things when they are going wrong. The part […]

How gripping bananas is a bad idea!

How gripping bananas is a bad idea! I’ve had a number of conversations this week about letting go. Let me give you some context…there you were living your life before COVID19…loving some aspects of your life, accepting or tolerating other aspects of your life and maybe disliking certain aspects. Then COVID19 arrives and you are […]

Hallmarks of Kindness and Respectfulness

Why it matters, how to do it When I asked a physician office manager how frequently sales people were rude or disrespectful, she guessed at fifty per cent. I chose a physician office because few industries see more sales people daily. If anyone would have experience with this, it would be a doctor’s office. But […]