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8 Templates for Follow Up Emails After a Meeting, Conference, and More

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Building meaningful business relationships is never easy, be it networking or getting new clients on board. It takes much more than simply showing up to numerous events and exchanging business cards. 

The preparation stage is crucial because it will set up your email follow-ups for success when the time comes.


So if you plan on visiting that conference, seminar, webinar, or any other networking event – check out the guest list and prep your questions to set up the future follow-up email.

It is worth it, though. Forbes found that 85% of job vacancies are filled via networking, and a shocking 78% of startups owe their success to some form of networking.


The importance of building business relationships cannot be overlooked.

Well, the meeting is over, and everyone is back to their busy lives with thousands of things on their minds. How do we ensure our interaction isn’t forgotten? 


What really solidifies a business connection is the next point of contact – a follow-up.

Emails remain the premium channel to phone calls or social media for the time being, mostly because they’re the least invasive and professional.  


A follow-up email after meeting someone makes your interaction more memorable, strengthens your new connection, and highlights your appreciation and interest in moving forward.


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Writing an effective follow-up after a meeting + what to include


Timing is vital

It’s best to send your follow-up while you, your conversation, and the event are still fresh in the recipients’ minds. A good rule of thumb is to do so within 24/48 hours of the event. 


Keep it short 

Whoever you’re following up with, chances are they’ve got a lot on their plate, so keep your message brief, friendly, and direct.

Besides, you have already met – no need for lengthy intros. 


Here’s a proven ‘sandwich’ on how to write a follow-up email after meeting someone: 


  • Greeting;
  • Quick reference to where you’ve met / what you’ve discussed;
  • Purpose of the email/value or ideas proposed;
  • Call to action;
  • Thanks for your time + Sign off (preferably with an email signature).


Use a striking subject line 

Subject lines often determine the fate of your email. In an event follow-up email, keep your subject line snappy and capturing.

Mention the event or topic discussed to stand out. Oh, and probably a good idea to lay off ‘follow up’ and ‘just following up’.


  • Lovely meeting you, {Contacts Name};
  • Loved our chat at {Event Name};
  • How’s {project discussed} going?


Make it all about them 

When networking, it’s always best to listen more than you speak. Your follow-up letters after a meeting should be about them, not about you.

Save the talk about your awesome business or achievements for a better time. 


Show authenticity 

To avoid being just another email in your recipients’ inbox, avoid sounding like one. This is a great opportunity to showcase your true personality, keeping the tone light and genuine.

Throwing in a joke or two could be a great ice-breaker 😉 


Have purpose

A clear goal will highlight the purpose of your follow-up, propose a next step moving forward, and outline what’s expected of your recipient.

Are you hoping for a call? A meeting? A collaboration? In the business world, directness and clarity are highly appreciated. 


Although the ‘thank you for meeting with me email’ is a common and cheerful follow-up example, we will focus on templates that continue the conversation with a new call to action. 


1. Follow-up email after meeting a potential client 


When attending any professional event, chances are your business overlaps with whoever you meet there. Inevitably, you will chat with people who fit your ideal partner or client profile. 


In the case of the latter, probably a good idea to shoot that follow-up message explaining how your business can benefit their unique case: 


Hello, [Name] 


It was great meeting you at [Event] and learning more about [Recipient’s Company] and the great work your company does. It’s been quite the journey since your launch just a few years ago. Truly inspiring!  


I’ve been thinking about the [Unique Challenges] you mentioned, and I am here to tell you – you’re not alone.  


We’ve helped numerous [industry name] companies overcome this exact problem, so I understand how difficult it is to [problem description].


Check out our [website, portfolio, etc.] to see how [Your Product] helped a fellow client with this exact struggle, and see for yourself how we could do the same for you.  


I would love for an opportunity to schedule a call sometime next week to discuss this in more detail. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns you may have. 


I really appreciate you taking the time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 


Best regards, 

[Your Name]


It goes without saying that the priority of any follow-up email after a business meeting is not you or your business, it’s them. Show genuine appreciation for meeting them to create a positive and respectful environment before getting into business. 


2. Follow-up email after networking with a potential partner 


Now let’s imagine you have a chat with another attendee and realize that your businesses would go well together in a collaboration, joint project, or possible future endeavors. 

When you first meet someone at a networking event, the conversation is usually short and introductory, probably not ideal to drop the ‘hey let’s partner up’ bomb on them. 


However, a constructive and clear follow-up can definitely set the tone for a possible business partnership: 


Hi [Name],


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our meeting yesterday. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on [Topic] and [Recipient’s Company]’s strategic goals.

It was really informative. 


I’d be interested in continuing our convo and discussing the possibility of working together.


I spoke with my people, and we would be thrilled to partner with you and your team to accomplish the common goals we have discussed. 


Here are some projects we’d be thrilled to team up on: 


[List of Projects]


Please let me know a time and date that works best and we can arrange all the details. 



[Your name]


Doors only open to those who knock. Even if you’re a much smaller startup, if you sincerely believe your two businesses could benefit each other – don’t shy away from that follow-up request! 


3. Follow-up Email after a business meeting or event you created 


Sooner or later most companies will host their own meetings, events, conferences, etc. When on the other side of the table, it’s imperative in your follow-ups to thank all your attendees for taking the time to join your event. 

In the case of virtual events, don’t forget to include a link to the recorded video of the event for all attendees to look back at any time and share with others!  


Here’s the template we used in a recent virtual sales conference we organized and hosted: 


Subject Line: [Company Name] at [Event Name]  


Hi [Name], 


I’m writing to you because I noticed that you attended our [Event name], and I was thinking that perhaps you are looking for software or tips that might help you with [Topic of Event]. 


As [Your Product] [Key Features of Your Product], I thought our platform might help the [Department] at [Company Name] hit their target numbers. 


Do you have 10-15 minutes for a quick chat sometime this or next week? 


P.S. here is the event replay: [Link] 


With , [Company/Organizer Name] 


Naturally, we thanked everyone for showing up, added a link to the video, and promoted our product (SEP) to a very targeted and interested audience! Talk about two birds and one stone. 


Some words of advice – virtual networking has skyrocketed over the last few years with the boom of remote and hybrid workplaces, and it’s much easier and cheaper to create! 


4. Demo meeting follow-up template 


Now that more people are interested in your product, it’s time for demo and discovery meetings! Another common form of business meetings, and just like with the rest, follow-ups are a fantastic way to keep the conversation flowing after it’s done.  

You want to give the interested client some breathing room to weigh everything and think about your product, but it’s also necessary to show that you value their time and consideration. 


Here’s one of the few follow-up meeting emails we use at Reply after a demo: 


Hi [Name],


Pleasure speaking with you today! Below are the main highlights of our conversation.


Current requirements of [Prospect Company Name]:

– 1st requirement 

– 2nd requirement 

– 3rd requirement 


How [Your Company Name] can help:

– 1st solution 

– 2nd solution

– 3rd solution 



Given your unique requirements, our [Pricing Plan Name + Cost] would be the best fit. This includes [Main Features of Plan]


Here’s our call recording in case you want to look back:


Some helpful resources to get to know our product a bit better:
[link 1]
[link 2] 


Let’s touch base in a week or so, once you’ve had a chance to discuss creating an account at [Your Product Name] with your partners. 


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.


Kind regards,




If at first glance this looks like a summary of our meeting…that’s because it is! 


We follow up to compile all the important points discussed and other helpful resources to help our potential clients make the best, most informed decision. It’s also an opportunity to leave the door open for our next communication.



5. Follow-up email after a phone call 

While in-person meetings are great, they’re not always practical. There are times when zoom or phone call meetings make more sense, for instance, to avoid an international commute.

If you’re wondering if a follow-up is necessary for these situations – the answer is a big fat yes! 


Here is a follow-up email after a phone call sample: 


Hello [Name],


I appreciate you finding the time to hop on our call! 


I’m following up with a brief outline of the business discussed for you to look back at, and I went along and added some extra information for you to take a look at. 


Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions moving forward. 


We can schedule another call at your convenience, I look forward to hearing from you soon! 


Once again, thanks for your time – it was a pleasure speaking with you.


Kind regards,

[Your name].


An email follow-up after a phone call makes up for the lack of in-person contact with your partners or clients.

They provide the recipient with a reference of all the business discussed, make your conversation more memorable, create a more personal connection, and once again, leave the door open for future contact. 


6. Follow-up meeting email template for an industry expert, thought leader, mentor, etc. 


It’s no secret that at times talking to the right person is more valuable than any client or partner down the road.

Someone established as an expert in your field most probably went through all the challenges you’re going through at the moment and overcame them. 


If you get the chance to meet someone like that at a networking event, make sure to follow up and ask whether it’s OK to reach out to them from time to time for some advice. 

Again, the lessons, experiences, and tips they share can prove to be pivotal moments in your career.


Hey [Name],


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday at [Event]. I really appreciated the opportunity to discuss the industry with a leader in the field, it meant a lot to me. 


I will begin following your advice and can’t wait to see the results! 


I know how valuable your time is, but I wanted to ask if we could keep in touch? I have multiple projects I’m working on and would love your feedback. 


In particular, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on [List of Issues].


Once again a true pleasure meeting you and chatting! 






7. Event Follow-up email to ask for an introduction 

Similarly, you could meet someone who works with or mentions they know an industry expert you’re keen on meeting / getting advice from.

In that case, a short follow-up asking for an introduction is on order: 


Hey [Name],


It was nice to meet you at [Event]. Our conversation was very informative to me, especially your take on [Topic Discussed]. 


During our chat, you mentioned that you knew [Name] from [Company]. With his/her exceptional expertise in [Area of Expertise], I would greatly appreciate it if you could introduce me to them.


I can imagine how hectic your schedule is, so I’ve prepared a short message to make the introduction as seamless as possible. Of course, please feel free to adjust as you see fit. 


[Short Message About You/Your Company]


Could you please find a moment to make the introduction?


Thank you in advance!

[Your Name]


This is also a great opportunity for a follow-up email after a conversation with an employee of a company you’ve had your eye on for some time, be it for partnering, signing them as a client, or perhaps joining their team! 


8. Follow-up thank you email after meeting someone at an event 

Whether it’s a potential partner, client, or simply a peer you’ve had an interesting chat with, one common follow-up is a ‘thank you email’ after meeting them. 


Networking isn’t always about partnering up on the spot. It’s about building meaningful connections and making friends across various industries. One never knows how life may turn out. 


Below is a sample thank you letter after a business meeting where we thank them for their time, and as a bonus – ask to keep in touch or invite them for coffee/lunch to keep the conversation going. 


Hey [Name],


It was a pleasure meeting you at [event] and learning more on [topic of conversation], it gave me quite a bit to think about! 


I’d love to keep in touch and continue our conversation someday soon. Let me know when you’re free, and we’ll grab that coffee 🙂 


Thanks again for your help and advice!




[Your Name] 


Covid is over(ish) – time to bring in-person meet-ups back in style! 


Wrapping up 

They say network is your net worth, and in today’s hyper-paced, globalized world of business it couldn’t be more true. 

Meeting people at networking events and meetings isn’t all that challenging. Maintaining those business connections is where it gets tricky.



Without a prompt follow-up, you risk the person you spoke to forgetting you and your conversation (nothing personal, we’re all human). 

Taking a few minutes of your time to sculpt that brief, genuine follow-up email will make your interaction fresh and positive for the other person, paving the way for lasting connections. 


So whether you’re looking to partner up, attract a new client, connect with an industry expert, or simply stay in touch with someone you met in the business world – don’t forget to follow up! 

About the author

Vlad Oleksiienko is an SDR Team Lead at, the multichannel sales engagement platform. With 6+ years of experience in the field, he is keen on building creative outreach strategies and experimenting with different approaches for personalization at scale. Connect with him on LinkedIn.