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Knowledge Is Greater Than Information

YOU are more valuable to the client than their search engine! Knowledge Is Greater Than Information: It’s no secret that today’s retail customer has access to infinitely more information on products and services than ever before. Manufacturers, retail outlets and third party reviewers alike are creating an information landscape which is tilted in the consumer’s […]

One Question to Improve Your Career

One Question to Improve Your Career: In a 2006 Harvard Business Review article about the psychology of salespeople, the author compared the mind of the sales professional to that of the professional gambler. There are some key similarities between the two. Both operate in a binary environment of winning (closing the sale/winning the jackpot) and […]

B2B Selling In a Retail World

Tailoring Popular Selling Systems for the Retail Environment Every few years a new sales methodology breaks through as the next big thing. While these breakthroughs are exciting for the sales-information industry and those sales professionals who successfully implement them, these innovations are dedicated to those professionals in the business to business (B2B) realm. Sales professionals […]