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Raising The Glass Ceiling

How to Use Your Emotional Intelligence to Manage and Overcome Fear and Drive Results

Who would have thought that it would have taken me half my life to finally figure out that I can trampoline my life to a new level of success and inner happiness just by understanding and acknowledging that I need to overcome the obstacle of Fear?

Raising the Glass Ceiling

It is not always clear to us what is holding us back from raising our glass ceiling, experiencing our ‘higher high’ and intuitively understanding our true core values. What pleases us and what we are passionate about versus what other people think. We all need to assert ourselves, action our plans and realize that we are on our own path of greatness, self-decision and self-discovery. We all can live life fully and richly by our lessons and experiences that make us stronger, more focused and enable us to believe we can succeed and raise our glass ceiling.

Fear and Self Doubt

We have all been plagued by self-doubt and fear at some point in our lives. It’s the degree we can overcome such insecurities that we can aspire to reach our full potential and personal freedom. The most important thing to understand about fear is you are not alone. Everyone experiences doubt to some degree. A little self-doubt is normal and healthy. However, there is a fine line between allowing fear to hold you back and directly walking into it with courage. Know that you can embrace what you fear and watch your confidence grow. By acting and embracing fear you will free yourself and rise to the occasion. What separates the successful Entrepreneurs in business from the rest, is they are not afraid to walk directly into fear, face the situation and act in-spite of fear. When we take decisive action, we accept personal responsibility for the choices we make. In turn, allowing our inner self-doubt to question everything we do and do not do and sabotage a situation when a solution shows up.

Leaving our Comfort Zone

We all have the power to use our intellectual capacity to make right decisions versus limiting our conscious intelligent factor with worry, fear, excuses and resentment. Often, we hear ourselves say:

* I’m not ready
* It’s not the right time
* I am too old or too young
* I don’t have enough money, time or expertise
* I may do it wrong
* I am blocked
* People will laugh at me

When these instances happen, reflect on what is happening to you as to why you are saying these things to ourselves. We need to realize the tricks that the mind plays on us subconsciously and, worry, fear, disease, argument and frustration are not healthy and normal uses of the mind and everyday living. Just because there is sickness and discontent in the world does not prove that health and happiness are abnormal. On the contrary, it is apparent that health, happiness, love and self-awareness are all customary ways of experiencing our ‘center’, and we really do want to live a life of health, wealth, and positive self-expression. ,

To be open to succeed in life and raise your glass ceiling and drive the results know within that, we all deserve to achieve. We need to understand and be responsive to the potentials of our greatness deep within us and leave our comfort zone. If we are willing to trade short-term discomfort for long-term success, opportunities show up. Successful, driven entrepreneurs do not seek comfort and familiarity. These are steps that produce mediocrity. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Stretch beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, which may be scary at first, but this is what drives results.

Mental Nourishment

Awaken the dormant possibilities that lie within you. Start taking action with your wisdom, knowledge, infinite self-discovery themes and positive experiences. The infinite unfolding of mental nourishment and widening of your perspectives around success helps to eradicate the fear that you cannot progress forward. This is based on your past accumulations. It’s about saying yes to what is possible and yes to the opportunities that come before you and then acting to achieve the respective success. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. We need to operate at leaps and bounds above what we believe we can action, as this will dominate our fears. The fear that you are sinking through the cracks of your past versus rising through your new ideas, motivations, and new accomplishments is an easy cycle to slip into.

Know you cannot walk forward by looking backward and enabling your subconscious to be afraid. Make the decision that you no longer want to have the problem or situation. Eradicate the subconscious patterns of inferiority, fear and frustration. Mentally picture yourself no longer having a problem or situation. Stay in this emotional state of mind for several minutes, then positively switch your whole way of thinking to something extremely creative and interesting or something that pleases you. Keep switching your emotional intelligence to dissolve the negative fear-based emotions that are limiting you. These mental excuses and problems that we hold onto chip away at our path of self-discovery and self-decision.

Rewiring our Brains to Soar

It’s easy to wake up and hit the snooze button and just say “I don’t feel like it” and let our negative emotions manage our productivity, creativity and decision-making skills. When we allow negativity to impact our work life it is three times more potent in affecting motivation than positive progress. It’s easier to let the bad stuff enter our minds versus remembering all the good things that happened to us during our day. Why? Because it’s a self-protective characteristic of how our brain is wired and we are more apt to pay attention more towards negative patterns of behavior and experiences than positive ones.

This is because we are programmed to be hunters and gatherers and we are constantly scanning for this information. However, we do have the ability to break away from this loop of negativity and we can re-wire our brains to ‘win’ and think positively. It has been proven scientifically that we can indeed harness our brain to be more aware of positive aspects of life and fight off our brain’s tendency to scan and spot for negatives. This re-wiring is known as the “Positive Tetris Effect”, taking its name from the video game Tetris. Whereby, we can indeed retrain the brain to scan for good things in life and help us to see more possibilities, feel more energy and succeed to higher levels and drive results in our lives. As we continually go along this happy path, the synaptic connections in our brain continue to fire hundreds of times and slowly a track forms each time we walk on this path and it becomes clearer to us as these patterns become stronger and resemble a feeling of happiness as we accentuate the positives.

Scanning for the Daily Positives

An excellent mental exercise is to make a list of three memorable things that particularly stood out in your day, and reflect what caused them to happen to you. These can be very basic things such as seeing an old high school friend, gazing at a gorgeous tree, or receiving a positive remark from an associate at work. When you celebrate progress, however great or small the progress may be, this affirmation makes you feel good and it provides nourishment to your mind. Taking the time to provide positive reinforcement to others and let others know you care, by a simple smile or compliment for example, which causes your mind to boost its happiness level. By opening our awareness beyond the narrowness of fear-based negativity, we are bringing more positivity, balance, and progressive pathways to our emotional intelligence. The well-being and re-programming of our brains to be positive reduce stress, anxiety, and negativity in our daily lives.

Nothing is Impossible

When we realize the totality of possibility, we begin to see solutions and new avenues in our lives versus failure, problems and obstacles. The power of the human mind is incredible. We can train our mindset to be flexible and to be in sync with the results and goals we desire. We can imagine the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of us and ignite them one by one. We are in control of our destinies, how we think and our respective behaviors, both positive and negative. We can control how we think and become the best that we can be. However, to do so, we must understand our current thinking patterns and tendencies and how we perceive ourselves to the world around us. Our perceptions of ourselves show up in our body language, behavior, attitude and communication of our daily lives.

Every time you have a fear-based negative thought, know it changes you for the worse. It affects how you respond to opportunities and situations. Success and failure are the results of the use of our minds. We can make an affirmative decision to be successful and motivated, and push through the glass ceiling. On the other side of the spectrum, we can be failure motivated, fear-based, and indecisive. There are no limits on what we can accomplish in life except for the limits that we place on our own imagination and emotional actions to succeed. We should believe that we were born to soar to the highest levels of self-expression and greatness. The word IMPOSSIBLE is not in my Oxford-English dictionary. The word impossible only means you have not found solutions yet, and the positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Do What Inspires You

Know that we can all rewire our brains to win, succeed and achieve. We could welcome new life, as well as we can wire our brains for fear and stop going after what we truly desire. We could raise our glass ceiling each day. Fear is complex and cunning, often deep-seated and subconscious. Identify and embrace your fears. Stop the mental chatter in your mind that takes you off your course and center yourself on the NOW. Set goals that create a solid action. Plan to achieve what you want to achieve so strategically you get the results you desire. Believe you can succeed in business and in your daily life, and stop worrying about what others are doing and thinking. Focus only on you and your respective goals. Remember, business and life can be extremely demanding at times, so we need to take some time out from work. Step back and create a life/work balance so we could live a satisfying life and achieve results.

Know that with the law of attraction, the power of doing what inspires you is in your hands. Like attracts like and choosing to be happy and live the most fulfilling life you ever wanted is in-itself a simple decision. However, the power is within YOU to do so. Once you commit to your course of action, you can achieve what you truly inspire YOU.

Find the greater good within you and wire your brain to win. Fear is your biggest barrier to your success. It can disengage you from what you truly desire and what inspires you. Stay focused on your goals, do not worry about the thoughts of others, do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Know that the power of your mind is immense. You can, and you will raise your glass ceiling each day. It’s in your hands to do so.

Here’s to living an empowering, happy, rich and fulfilled life by simply saying YES to what’s possible for YOU.

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