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5 Super Simple Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Sales

Business in the 21st century is anything but straight forward. Due to the increasing presence of technology and transatlantic options for consumers, markets have become more competitive than ever. As the business world develops, so must your business’ ability to create new leads and generate revenue. In our modern world, playing by the bog-standard, tried, and true ‘rulebook’ does not tend to be the most effective method of generating leads. As the world evolves, so must we evolve with it. To help you get up to date with the latest and most effective trends in 21st century lead generation, we have compiled 5 super easy tips and tricks to generate leads for your business and grow in the competitive and ever-changing marketplace you operate in today.

1. Social Media Focus

If you tend to be more old school in your lead generation techniques, this can be a hard one to get your head around. However, social media today has become so integral and important to business operation and marketing techniques for almost all operating companies, that is impossible to ignore. As Jesse Giros, a marketing blogger at Origin Writings and Brit Student, noted, “All lead generation will eventually lead back to either your personal social profiles or your company’s social profiles, depending on how deep your potential customer chooses to look into your lead.” Ensure that both your personal pages and company pages are professional and well-designed, as this is crucial in presenting a qualified front to the potential consumer. 

2. Good Old Fashioned Email Marketing

Although times may have changed when it comes to some outreach techniques, sometimes the oldest technique in the book is the best. Email marketing is always going to be a good way of reaching out to potential and existing clients. However, how you use email marketing and the best ways to do so, have changed. George Haywire, a business writer at Writemyx and 1 Day 2 write, commented that, “Where old techniques were long, standard, automatically generated, and mass sent emails; this no longer is effective. Spam filters have ensured that many of these emails do not even reach the inbox, and the ones that do barely get a second glance.” However, personalised and addressed emails get more attention. In a similar fashion, targeted emails to certain consumers (selected with more care than ‘command-all’) are effective and are usually paid more attention to.

3. Use Influencers (wisely)

The influencer market is a tricky field laden with minefields. A vast majority of the ‘buying’ population are influenced by so called ‘influencers’ or ‘content creators’ on social media. These people have large followings, usually focused on beauty, fashion, or lifestyle topics. For some reason, people trust the opinions of these influencers; and so product placing and aligning with these influential people can be profitable; and a successful lead generator. 

It is important, however, to be careful and cautious not to be fooled by spam, scam, or fake influencers online. 

4. Surveys

Now, this lead generation technique may seem strange, but stay with me. As an alternative to cold calling or cold emailing, surveys can be presented to potential consumers. These surveys will allow you to get a feel for their opinions and tastes, while also exposing them to your brand and business. 

5. Meet with Influential People

Meeting with influential people in your industry is never a bad idea, personally or professionally. However, as a lead generator; there is literally no better option. Forging connections and expanding your network will increase your business’ reach and possibilities, ten-fold. Knowing people who know people, having friendships with titans of industry, and being able to ‘get your foot in the door’ is key to business success. 

At the end of the day, only you and your business partners understand what works for your company as the best lead generator. Maybe the techniques I have suggested do not work perfectly for your business. If that is the case, I encourage you to use them as a jumping off point, to find your perfect lead generating techniques. However, I hope that my top tips for lead generating have inspired you to try new ones, develop your current ones, or go out in search of more. Happy marketing!

About the author

Regina Wheeler is an online business and management consultant for Write my research paper and PhD Kingdom. She enjoys attending technology conferences and business training courses in her spare time. She also contributes her skills to Cheap coursework.