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5 Ways Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience

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Giving the best customer experience is an essential ingredient for a company to generate better sales. How can a customer have a great experience? The answer is simple; through their interaction with your employees. 

Let’s say you go to carpet cleaning Stevenage, and a salesperson welcomes you warmly and interacts with you to know what your demand is. Then guides you in making the right choice. Wouldn’t you like that?

Employees are the backbone of your business. They keep your company up and running. If they are looked after and well supported, they are more motivated to work their best. Working with their heart allows them to treat your customers well.  Those customers then spread the word about your brand through social media.

Many enterprises have realized the importance of creating a lively work environment for their staff members. Such an environment is crucial for their growth and allows them to stay committed to your brand. 

If you don’t, then there’s a high likelihood that your business may not thrive for long. Without dedicated staff members, no function of the company can be executed correctly. To enhance your customer’s experience, focus on improving your workers’ experience first. 

Below are 5 ways that show how employee experience and customer experience are interlinked. 

1. Your Employees Are Your Best Advocates

In today’s world, millennials crave brands that are more considerate and socially aware. Not just proving your brand as charitable and ‘woke’ to the world but also going out of the way to ensure you appreciate those loyal workers who’ve been there since day one. 

Your employees are your number one supporters; they’re the fuel that keeps your machine running. When you’re trying to work on CX (customer experience), it’s important to understand what today’s customers are into. 

One great way to boost your employee experience is by letting your employees be your brand’s campaigners. When a brand puts their team at the front of their marketing campaign, it shows the audience how supportive and obliged you are towards your employees. 

When you celebrate your employees, you’re not only uplifting their spirits and self-esteem but also propelling them towards giving their best performance. This is an excellent way for brands to capitalize on employee experience and elevate CX. 

2. Provide Appropriate Resources to Your Teams 

For all of the departments of a business to function, it requires that all of the resources be available. For example, if your company’s customer care representative didn’t have the proper communication resources, then a customer wouldn’t be able to clarify their queries, resulting in a bad experience. As a result, the image of the brand would depreciate.

If your company’s staff doesn’t acquire the proper tools, then it can cause all of their time and energy to go to waste. This can cause your employees to get frustrated, making them lose focus in completing their assigned tasks. An employee with a bad mood can create complications while interacting with your customers, causing your brand to lose more than gain customers. 

3. Offer a Sense of Security and Safety 

The pandemic has changed how we work in many ways, whether that’s from home or in the office. Employers need to offer a helping hand to ensure the safety and comfort of their employees. For instance, many companies and offices have installed safety guards at checkout counters and in-between workstations to practice social distancing.  This, in turn, reassures employees and customers that you’re prioritizing their safety and health. 

4. Employee Reviews Can Make or Break A Brand 

Employee reviews are the sneak peeks of the incidents that happen behind the scenes. Consumers these days don’t just look at the quality of the products of the brands; they also want to know about what goes on the other side of that counter and how do the employees feel when working there. 

This is where employee reviews come in. They play a big role in leaving an impression on their customers about their brands, and this can influence the decision-making of the customer. 

For example, if a consumer reads the review of an employee of a restaurant, stating that the company and its employees are unable to take care of their hygiene when preparing food, then that consumer may never consider ordering or going near that restaurant.

With the help of these reviews, customers can also get to see how the companies or brands handle these reviews, whether they’re negative or positive. Are they responding to these reviews responsibly? Does the company try to fix the fault and improve in its weak areas? Does it appreciate its employees for their efforts and continue to do so in the future as well? 

5. Encourage P2P Feedback

It’s essential that peer members communicate with one another and discuss general matters. This helps to establish a learning environment in the company. When peers complete their tasks, senior officers should encourage to exchange and review one another’s tasks and share their feedbacks. 

Such activity helps employees to find out their strengths and weaknesses, so they can work on improving them.

Similarly, HR departments should hold weekly assessments of employees to help them identify their skills and what areas they lack in. HR in charge can give guidelines and set goals for every member of the working community, enabling them to make progress. This leads to employees providing enhanced customer service and improving CX.

Wrapping Up

Every employee represents a team player of your organization. They’re the key to making your company accomplish its goals. The way your company treats its employees is equally important as the way it treats its customers. Both play an essential role in creating a business’s reputation. 

A company can provide better services to its customers by improving the engagement of its peers. Give employees the honour of being your brand ambassadors, which will help not only to improve their confidence but also performance. 

Create a learning and progressive environment for your employees so that they are motivated to step out of their comfort zone. If you want to expand your customer base, then you need to invest in improving the experience of your workers first. 

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