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5 Ways to Replenish Motivation

Motivation is like a summer cloud…. or winter sun. When it’s there, you are happy, hopeful, and charged up. But it vanishes as soon as you start getting into the flow, leaving you doleful, hopeless and laid back.

Without motivation, you just do things because you have to. There is no passion to give your best. No inspiration to run past the boundaries.

Your unmotivated-self knows that you could do a lot better, but that’s it, nothing can be turned into actions.

Then it comes again. Through an inspirational movie, book, discussion, or self-reflection. But its fleeting nature is too stubborn to change.

We are all aware that motivation loves to play hide and seek. But only a few share the passion to track it down and capture it forever. The others leave it to fate.

But as you’ve come here and are reading this article, it is apparent that you are not from the sit-back-and-relax clan. You strive to do something that matters. You don’t want to surrender to destiny.

Isn’t that quite motivating in itself?

And here are some other fundamental and effective tips to help you replenish your constant scarcity of motivation.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly


Motivation is the hardest to find when you don’t trust yourself. When you think you are incapable of something and nothing on earth can make you able enough.

Most of this distrust is derived from self-talks. After failing an exam, you can tell yourself that if it couldn’t happen this time there is no way you can do it in future…or that this time you gotta crack it, no matter what.

You may not pay more attention to the concept of self talks. But studies suggest that positive self talks can help avoiding stress and staying optimistic and motivated.

You can’t control what others think and say of you. But you can try and control your own thoughts.

Stop distrusting yourself. If you can think of something, you can also do it.

Don’t forget to rejoice your achievements


Upcoming weekend. Family wedding. Outdoor vacations. Lunch or dinner date. Your favourite dessert after lunch.

How despondent would life be if we did not have these or other (big or small) things to look forward to?

These little events make us cheerful towards life. They perk up our mood even during the monotonous daily routine.

In your long and tiring pursuit of success, you need to build some exciting stops. Rejoice whenever you cross a milestone. Little or small, celebrations rejuvenate you to start moving again.

Have a plan: Know what lies ahead


We are usually high-spirited at the beginning of things. The energy dwindles as soon as we encounter unexpected glitches.

But when you have anticipated the problems beforehand, you can form pre-emptive measures. The small issues won’t surprise you or shake your focus.

When you have a plan, you are likely to spend less time solving any problem. Also, jumping over the hurdles will give you a sense of achievement. It will replenish you with energy and positivity.

Renovate your work desk


A dull messed up work desk repels happy and energetic state of mind. However, an organized desk might seem equally dull at times. So you don’t only need to organize your work desk but also make it look creative, motivating, green, and beautiful.

Use a pleasing indoor plant, motivational posters, vases, your favourite peppy colors, or anything you can think of. Be creative. A well designed work desk will keep you in a happy mood. You would want to spend more time working.

You wouldn’t be scared to work a little harder, because a beautiful work desk deserves at least that!

Hang out with strong-willed people


Your boundaries shrink when you are surrounded by people who are too complacent. These boundaries contract to an even narrower region when you are the best among the lot.

There is no competition and the desire to leave your comfort zone is dead and dim. The motivation to do something great doesn’t even touch your vicinity.

But this doesn’t happen when you are around ambitious, passionate people. The ardent energy of these hard workers’ is reflected in your actions too. The sense of healthy competition drags you out of your comfort zone. A study conducted by two Duke University scientists says that the company of strong-willed people nourishes your determination and fosters your power of self-control.

Without motivation, you go on doing things half-heartedly. It is like treading on a busy pathway in a hot summer day to reach office and do the routine tasks.

Motivation brings in the energy, enthusiasm, and optimism you need to walk down smoothly. It makes you forget all about the heat and tiredness. It makes you want to rush to work. Motivation brings out the best in you.

So, at the least, stop taking it for granted. Try out the above mentioned tips and work to the best of your potential.

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