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6 Best Sales Strategies To Start Using Today

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In this post, we will discuss the best sales strategies you can use for your business.

  1. Increase online sales through social media

Social media is one of the unique ways for people to access and consume information online. Nine out of ten retail businesses are active on social platforms. With the data, you can improve sales through social media, by planning right and putting creative thinking into action.

It’s easy for you to jump on the latest social media trend or choose to do what competitors are doing. But time is important and you want to build an efficient pipeline. Figure out where your target customers spend time and where they are most active.

Your tone needs to adjust to the platform so that you can connect with your audience.

Be sure to post a variety of content on social media and see what resonates with your audience, whether that be videos, infographics, polls, etc. Plus, repurpose your content. For example, Jobber creates content for its field service audience and often shares this content on its social media channels, like this Roofer Salary Guide which attracts prospective customers to their website at the awareness level.

2. Become a thought leader

Share your advice, your best practices, and niche expertise to build your personal brand and show your credibility to the world. No one links are being sold to. Help people by offering solutions. Leadership is in enhancing the prospects of a company.

Thought leadership content isn’t always equal and poor thought leadership can result in poor sales goals. A percentage of decision-makers didn’t find thought leadership content to be very useful and that’s the reason attributed to not doing business with someone.

Before you plan LinkedIn posts to get leads and know who your audience is you need an organization to help you. It needs the marketing, communication, and PR department to take a look at what you are doing.

3. Inbound sales calls are hot leads

The question always is if you should discuss pricing with a prospect right from the first call. The answer is it depends. You and the sales team know the process right from the start to the end and if you see success pitching your client from the get-go stick to that. At this stage, you would do yourselves a great disservice if you don’t offer pricing information on your website. Always present pricing information with the help of pricing tables.

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Your team should always prioritize prospects who start with sales first. These leads are interested in what you’re selling and want to know about the information that will benefit their decision.

Talking to prospects when they call or send an email is putting your best foot forward and coming across as helpful, considerate, and more. It helps you close your deals faster.

4. Properly research and qualify prospects

Even the smartest sales strategy doesn’t make good at targeting the wrong customers. To make sure you’re selling to the right customer, take time to research and qualify prospects before you sell something.

Outline the criteria someone should meet to qualify them as high-probability customers. This is based on their engagement history and demographics.

5. Don’t shy away from cold calling

Sales require cold calling. Most of us are terrified by the prospect of cold calling. It can be nerve-wracking to dial the number of a total stranger and convince them to buy from you. But, that doesn’t mean you need to shake from head to toe. There are several cold calling techniques and templates listed online for free that work and you can use them to improve cold call conversion rates. Have the sales team practice cold calls before making a call to someone. It boosts confidence.

You can also have the members of the sales teams call each other up before they start calling prospects.

6. Offer a quick product demonstration

Often pitching can be one of the most important moments in sales. Your sales pitch needs to be powerful, offer a compelling presentation, and shouldn’t have to scare away the prospect.

Study what makes a successful sales pitch and integrate the same elements into what you are doing so that people benefit from what they read.


These are some of the best sales strategies I use. Of these, I believe the most powerful is offering a quick demo of your product.

This helps the customers see how your product works. You can use social media to publish thought leadership content to get sales online today.

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