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Burned out and frustrated?

Maybe it’s time to start your own business

Do you find yourself feeling that you’re working too many hours with too little appreciation from disengaged managers? Do you have too little to show for it and feel increasingly bedraggled? While it may not make you feel any better, you’re hardly alone.

Only about 30 percent of American employees feel their job is the right one for them, according to a Gallup report.

As it turns out, you might not want to hold your breath waiting for your employer to invest in employee engagement. You might be better off just jumping ship and putting your talents to work for yourself. And it’s not because companies don’t know how to fix the problem. Many hire consultants and get reports that they read, but getting them to follow up on the recommendations is easier said than done. A study conducted by workplace consultant, The Energy Project, in coordination with the Harvard Business Review, found that employees are more satisfied and productive when four of their core needs are met:

* physical, opportunities to renew and recharge at work
* emotional, feeling valued for their contributions
* mental, opportunities to focus in an absorbed way on their most important tasks and
* spiritual, by doing more of what they do best and enjoy most.

Not only does engagement rise but so does company profitability, obviously a win-win for everybody. But when the Energy Project asked employers how much they invest in meeting those employee needs, many go silent, according to an article co-written by Energy Project chief executive Tony Schwartz in the New York Times. For most, there just doesn’t seem to be much incentive to invest in employee needs.
One of the key employee desires, according to their study, was for flexibility about where and when they work. But, as the Energy Project study found, many employers remain “fearful that their employees won’t accomplish their work without constant oversight.”
Not so great for employees feeling valued for the long hours they put in or the good work they do. Get off that Hamster Wheel. And because turning around corporate culture can be harder than turning a barge in a narrow canal, the quickest way to improve your working conditions is to make a break and start your own business. Why not get off that hamster wheel and put all that energy and hard work toward building your own capital?

The good news is it’s not as risky as it might seem. With a franchise, you get all the expertise, training and support to get your new business off the ground and running smoothly. And, perfect for corporate burnouts, one of the fastest growing sectors in franchising is business services.
All you have to do is select a franchise that is well suited to your experience and interests. A franchise coach can help you zero in on the best franchises with proven results and help you select a business to maximize your success. And when you’re the boss, don’t forget the lessons you learned to keep your employees engaged!

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