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Does Sales Certification Matter in Sales?

Take a look at most any IT professional’s business card or email signature and you are quite likely to see a string of letters following their name or title. Those letters represent industry specific certifications that were earned. In the IT world, some employers demand specific certification for certain positions and several positions are only open to candidates possessing a specific certification.

While sales certification is a widely accepted and integrated part of some industries, how important are they in the sales industry? More importantly, why should you consider studying for and earning a sales-specific certification?

The True Value

Before we discuss the marketability of a sales certification, it is important to realize the true benefit of any certification, let alone one geared for sales professionals: the benefits you should realize in your life and in your income.

Getting a sales certification for the sake of getting a certification is missing the entire point of the certification process. When it comes to a sales certification, the journey is significantly more important than is the destination. Keep this in mind while continuing this article.

Get the Edge!

When it comes to job searching, everything counts. The way you dress, the way you shake hands and how well written your resume is. If you are competing for a position against another candidate with a similar amount of experience and education, having a sales certification may be the edge you need to land the position.

Investing the time, energy and capital it takes to complete a sales certification like the CPSP reinforces your commitment to excellence. This reinforcement of your dedication not only shows your employer or potential employer that you are not just someone looking for a sales job because you can’t find any other position, but it also confirms your commitment to yourself. Completing a certification is more than just a matter of checking boxes and answering a few questions: it takes focus, emotional fortitude and, at times, an honest look inside of yourself.

Be a Leader

A sales certification such as the CPSP offered by NASP positions you above many others less dedicated to sales excellence. While adding the CPSP letters after your name may not instantly get you promoted, a new job or a million-dollar sale, it may position you as a recognized sales professional. And that position alone will vault you to a leadership status among the vast majority of sales teams.

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