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How Good CTAs Improve Sales

A CTA tells the visitor what next to do. If you want to sell more or get people to convert, a CTA is the first pit stop.

This post will discuss the importance of a good CTA button in the sales process.


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How to Write a Call to Action

It doesn’t matter which marketing automation software you use. You need to first drive clicks on your CTA. A call to action is meaningful buttons.

It’s a way for you to call attention to something on your landing page. A call to action button is the single-most powerful element on your site that helps the visitor through the sales funnel.


When writing a CTA think of the promise you’re leading with and strive to explain that promise.

In the sections below we will discuss how to write a good call to action. CTAs are useful on landing pages, on email campaigns, on websites and other places.


Here are call-to-action tips to use.


Call to Action Tip—Powerful and Emotional Words in your Call to Action

Explaining the benefits of the product and adding images of real customers improves call-to-action click-through rates.

Your CTAs must be both creative and engender trust. 

Show people’s needs and understanding of what they want.


What are emotional words?

Words that indicate urgency like: Act now, Discount ends today, Sale all have an emotional appeal to them. These words tend to excite people and propel them to act.


Provide a clear message and end with a clear Call to action to win your audience’s trust. 


Simple call to action tip—Personalize your Call to Action

Personalized CTAs tend to convert 200% better than normal CTA buttons. Let’s say you want your prospect to book a meeting with you. Why not personalize the landing page and the CTA by geolocation?

The same goes for targeting people on social media channels.


If you’re running a social ad campaign, ensure your ad is personalized, uses the correct hashtags, and targets the right demographics.

It requires hard to work to get the targeting right BUT in the long run, it pays off. It can improve your CTR and you can get more readers and get more click-through rates.


Straightforward CTAs that use action verbs are great to encourage action from visitors. When you use clear verbs that encourage action from website visitors.

Ask the reader what is it that you expect them to do.

Remember that this is a numbers game. This way you will be able to increase the chances of people clicking on the button or the link.


Personalized CTAs perform way better than basic CTAs because you’re serving people content that caters to their interests and knowledge.

You should always try smart CTAs on your blog post and on your site.


If you have a visitor new to brand and interested in your product show a CTA of a tutorial of your product where they can learn more about you.

Blogs, homepages and websites cater to multiple audiences at the same time and you can’t customize your site for every visitor. That’s why customized CTAs aren’t for homepages, or blog posts.


The more tailored your CTA is for a visitor, the better you result.


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Use Buttons for your Call to Action

Button like CTAs generates 45% more clicks.

More clicks generally mean one thing: more sales. Without this, you can confuse your audience, turn them away, or even annoy them.

Design buttons so they are large but don’t make them too big. 


Use the right colors for your CTA buttons because this increases the visibility of your messaging. If you’re starting out use website builders to create a noteworthy site for your business or SaaS site.

You don’t want to use too many CTAs and confuse readers. Instead, put thought into your design of the CTA buttons and invite clicks.

Here are some of the most powerful words that comprise a CTA:


Ecommerce CTA Buy now, Shop, Save, Add to Cart, Pick, View
SaaS CTA Get Started, Subscribe, Sign up
Non profit Donate, Commit, Volunteer
Newsletter Sign, Get Started, Subscribe
Freebie Download Now, Get started, Get your free copy, Download for free, Try for free, Your Checklist, Your ebook
General Learn more, See more


Do not Use too Many Calls to Action

It’s better to steer clear from too many calls to action. They only end up dividing the attention of the prospect. Never have too many of them on one page. 

Have separate CTAs that point to different tasks and you get a better CTA as a result of that.


Use CTAs that use a similar sounding tone. That helps you get sales.


A simple Call to action button tip- Minimalism from Tim Ferriss

Let’s learn from Tim Ferriss’s email sign-up landing page. It’s minimalistic with distracting elements like menu, links or other compoenents absent.



  • The distraction-free page keeps the focus on the main CTA that calls us to sign up for the newsletter
  • The headline and CTA button in black provide a sharp contrast to the black background.
  • Get access is a great call to action button


Use Persuasive Writing for your Calls-to-Action

Persuasive writing helps you craft strong CTAs. Your writing should tug at the emotions of your readers.

Let’s look at GrowthCollective:


The CTA button is surrounded by copy that boldly says—Hire the world’s best freelance marketers. The green color button sits in stark contrast to the page’s white background.

Avoid any words implying the reader must put in the effort. This sounds intimidating and doesn’t invite any kind of action from them.


Visitors are here to get value should they decide to click. To generate leads, the CTAs need to talk about what’s free and useful.

Don’t push readers for action as soon as they visit your site. Introduce the benefits of your offer. Push the product or service can be really challenging.


Think of the benefits you offer to the audience at large. Emphasize these benefits and talk about them.

When you explain the features and benefits of your product you prime visitors for sales. You can also optimize product images to sell more.



In CTA you want to use urgency like immediately or offer to end soon. These offer brief, clear and precise action verbs to get clicks on.


These are some of the ways to generate clicks and sales for your business with optimized call to action buttons. Call to action buttons are the final bridge between your visitor and the action you want them to take.

Optimizing it increases the odds of someone taking the right action.


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