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How to Keep Your Customers Happy

Let’s accept the fact — the current market is extremely competitive and in order to survive in this hostile condition you constantly have to look for ways to engage your customers. The market has changed a great deal over the last two decades. Advent of internet and then of social media and cloud has transformed customers’ expectations completely. Today businesses have to deal with a generation of tech savvy consumers that expect the brands to be engaging and interactive to offer complete customer experience at every level.

Introduction of social web has completely changed the ways consumers used to interact with each other. Modern, social consumers are proactive in gathering and sharing information on their topics of interest. In order to engage your customers it is therefore important to understand how people are interacting with each other in the changed environment. Customers now want to interact with brands at more personal level. They want a direct approach to their problems and want the brand to deal with their issues at more personal level. Enterprises therefore need to formulate engaging business strategy that will satiate the needs of modern consumers.

However, simply having the strategy isn’t enough but it needs to be actionable to keep the customer hooked to the brand through his customer life-cycle.

Identifying the touch-point is crucial in developing a customer engagement strategy. Improving functionalities of all three areas, namely- sales, marketing and customer service, is essential in offering complete customer experience.

In this article we have discussed some ways to engage your customers and putting your customer management strategy into action.

  • Creating interactive platform

    Since modern customers are more about engaging into serious conversations with their favorite brands providing them with an interactive platform will keep them attached to the brand. Since they look forward to more conversational ways to engage to organizations an interactive platform will help them bond better with the brand and each other. Customer communities have become an integral part of modern customer management strategies. Communities managed through technology platform allow the brand to effectively manage customer interaction at different levels and provide a very powerful supporting for managing overall customer experience.

  • Direct engagement

    Do you know your most loyal customers? In this hard up situation when new businesses are hard to come by companies are shifting their focus to their existing customer base. Customer relations management systems are quintessential business tools to help organizations form customer engagement strategies. The CRM system can help you find your longest and oldest customers, prospective clients, and latent prospects, so that you can form appropriate strategies to engage different groups.

  • Go social

    Social media has turned into a powerful tool to engage customers in conversations. The modern customers can be described as social customers who are more involved in social media platforms for information dissemination. They expect their favorite brands to be equally active and social on social webs. They look forward to build a peer-to-peer relationship with their favorite brands on social media. CRM app can help an organization in tracking its footsteps on social sites. New and improved custom CRM solutions are designed to tap into social feeds of customers. Brands are increasingly engaging their customers on social sites through contests, promotional content, and viral videos and encouraging them to post their experiences with the brand to create fan movement.

  • Seek feedback

    Most organizations lack in the aspect of seeking feedback from their customers. Customer feedback can offer crucial insight on changing customer behavior and changing market trend. You can’t deliver improved customer experience if you do not take into account customer reaction to your strategy. When honest feedback is sought customers can go out of their ways in offering support to their favorite brands. Customer feedback can also help with product designing and manufacturing.

  • Reward loyalty

    If your customers are with you for a long time reward them appropriately with loyalty reward programs. Path breaking innovations have taken place in designing loyalty programs. You can now integrate your POS and CRM with loyalty tools to design most engaging loyalty program for your most valued customers. Most advanced customer relationship management product provides users with customer intelligence that helps brands identify its long term and most profiteering customers, customer buying trends through his customer life-cycle etc. Rewarding your most loyal customers will help you maintain a favorable picture on their minds.

  • Be proactive

    Don’t wait for your client to reach you. Rather, reach out to them in more than one ways. Improving the cases of first call resolution to customer problem will improve overall customer experience. Create exhaustive self-help interfaces wherein the customers can seek solutions for their problems by themselves.

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