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How to Make a Successful Ad on Facebook

Facebook is a great opportunity to publicize your business. Any company can access this this social network for marketing. But how do you make a successful Facebook ad?

Facebook advertising experts create multiple ads and test them until they find the one that works best. However, there are many more aspects that you must take into account to make a successful advertisement on Facebook:


  • Try multiple ad layouts
  • Design and create the ad text always with your target customer in mind
  • Add social proof like real photos of your customers, user feedback and opinions
  • Try different texts for calls to action (text that prompts the customer to take the next step)
  • Make a good selection of eye-catching images
  • Avoid technical data and features and focus on the emotional aspects of your product




Before launching into creating your own ads, I invite you to discover how to ensure profitability and spend only the right budget:


What businesses are Facebook ads profitable for?

If you have already tried to create a campaign, you will have seen that the budget is spent very quickly and it is possible that you have not had any success.


This is because this type of advertising requires prior knowledge before launching to spend on this social network.


Personally, I do not usually recommend any company to invest in Facebook Ads until the following conditions are met:

  • Your website must be able to withstand a high volume of visits without slowing down
  • The design of your website is designed for conversion
  • The texts and other content of your website must be professionally written and sales-oriented


Outside of these requirements, Facebook campaigns work very well for the following cases:

  • Any type of training from free courses to careers and masters
  • Local businesses that sell services such as health centers, aesthetics, vacation rental and others
  • Almost any type of online store with low and medium price products, especially those visually striking products


Does this mean that it is not interesting for other businesses? No, almost any company can use Facebook to advertise, but outside of these examples you will have to take much more care of your sales funnel.



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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

The first mistake that is usually made is not spending enough time designing and writing ads.

If you take into account that social network users are not in “purchase mode” and that every day we are all more saturated with advertising, you will come to the conclusion that capturing the attention of a Facebook user is not easy. Our brains save energy by creating a “blindness” mode that ignores anything that looks like advertising.

Therefore, before launching into designing your ad, be it an image or a video, I advise you to spend time observing how other companies in your sector (or from other sectors) have designed and written their ads. You will see that the level of ingenuity is getting higher and higher. Of course, if you want to make a professional Facebook video for your ad campaign, FlexClip is here to help.


A Google search can give you tons of ideas and ad examples to kick-start your creativity. But before you get down to work, you must be very clear about what type of client you want to attract and, more importantly, adapt the ad to your sales funnel. I will explain it later.


How to improve ad profitability with Custom Audiences

Facebook offers an in depth audience system that is usually not known.  Not only is it complex, but it is subject to change and the advertising platform itself also varies from year to year.

All this complexity has a great advantage and that is that Facebook allows you to segment your campaigns in a very personalized way. This means that you will be able to show your ads only to those people who are interesting for your campaign. Including tastes, hobbies, geographical segmentation, age, gender, if they are regular buyers or if they usually interact with Facebook content, among other types of classifications.


But this type of segmentation only makes sense for a first impact, that is, so that those customers know about your company or your product. It will be very difficult for you to get a sale to someone who just met you on a social network. Segmentation helps you bring new users to your website so that later you can impact them again with the rest of the tools that Facebook offers.

And it is that, except in cases of compulsive buying, generating trust is essential in any marketing process and therefore, you have to plan your campaign in the long term as I explain below.


Optimize your Facebook ads with the long term in mind

The most common sales funnel on Facebook usually has the following phases:

  • An attraction phase where you offer interesting and enjoyable content to people who did not know you and who begin to value your brand
  • A second phase where these users know your products and you manage to generate desire for them
  • A third phase where you impact them again with an interesting offer or proposal


This entire sales funnel can take days, weeks, months, or even years. Many customers may like your product but may not be at the right time to buy.

If you have all this in mind, you can start designing your ads by thinking about each of these phases. You should keep in mind for which stage of the sales funnel you are making the ad because they are going to be very different.


For this long-term process, Facebook has other tools:

  • You will be able to impact those people who have visited your website if you have correctly configured the Facebook tracking code.
  • Within the people who have come to your website, you can focus only on those who have done a specific action, such as watching a series of videos.
  • Online stores have the opportunity to recover abandoned shopping carts by showing a specific ad on Facebook
  • If you already have a customer database you will be able to re-impact them or use that data so that Facebook looks for similar people

And this is just one example of what you can do with Facebook campaigns. As you can see, the tools you have are very powerful.


The best advice to improve the result of your ads

After all that has been said, if there is a tip to improve your campaigns, it is that you use the concept of FOMO.





FOMO stands for “fear of missing out” or fear of being left out. It is a term that is used in Facebook marketing to refer to the feeling of a client when one of these situations occurs:


  • The customer is in a hurry to buy a sale that ends soon or a product that is close to being out of stock
  • The client loses the opportunity to enter an event limited in time, for example, paper writing service offer ends soon.


These types of practices are tremendously effective as long as they are applied in the last step of the sales funnel. There are a large number of formulas to arouse this type of reaction, such as showing a limited number of products in stock.

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