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How to Promote Your App on Social Media? 5 Most Effective Measures to Consider

How to Promote Your App on Social Media: For every mobile app, marketer, social media platforms are great tools for new user acquisition. In fact, as app marketing is increasingly becoming cost-intensive, marketers need to adopt low-cost or zero-cost methods to help apps gain traction. The organic social media marketing and presence that doesn’t need a penny except if you engage experts or tools for content creation and publication are great draws for app marketers of all niches.

But just because social media as low-cost channels draws the attention of all marketers, it also needs a lot of creativity than other marketing channels. At a time when 25% of downloaded apps are never used after the installation, social media marketing plays a really vital role in bringing quality users onboard.

Let us explain some of the creative ways to promote mobile apps with social media.

Create A Social Media Personality and A Fan Base

The first thing that you need to do is to build a social media presence and personality that perfectly matches your business brand. This requires first of choosing social media platforms that are mostly frequented by your target audience.

For example, if your app is all about travel booking or fashion, image sharing mediums like Instagram and Pinterest are must-have in your kitty besides some common channels like Facebook and Twitter. For apps addressing professionals and businesses, LinkedIn is a must-have in the mix besides other channels. As you cannot make a consistent presence across all social platforms, you need to make a careful choice of social platforms that fit your brand personality.

After choosing the social mediums, you need to build a personality and a voice for your social media profile and the page. Your audience should be able to recognise and tune with your brand image unmistakably and without the least confusion. This requires having a solid and regular content strategy based on your niche focus and the way you want to connect with your audience.

Reaching Out with Influencer Marketing

Every business niche has some respected individuals, brands, analysts and experts who enjoy a bigger influence over the audience of that niche than most people. This is why they are so sought after as the industry influencers. Now, mobile app marketing should reach out to these influencers to gain access to more valuable audience and marketing leads.

Most of the industry influencers are highly connected people, and they dominate a sizeable audience of their respective niche across social platforms. So, it is very uncommon for an industry influencers not to have any influence on social media platforms. On the other hand, there are some social influencers who garner their positive influence, especially thanks to their social media popularity and outreach.

While reaching out to the first type of influencers is a must, you also should utilize all scopes to get in touch with the social media personalities with a large follower base.
Let the influencers get acquainted with your app and the business brand and share their feedback. Besides helping you to reach their circle of influence, you can also partner them for mutual outreach that will benefit both.

Paid Social Media Ads

Besides the organic and natural way of boosting your outreach and penetration, you should also capitalize on the paid ads and sponsored posts. As social channels like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly throwing competition even to the traditional media and ads, they are now being taken seriously by millions of people.

Social media ads are generating serious business for many niches, including eCommerce, retail, media content and several others. To get the best effect of your social ads in terms of revenue, always choose the channel that best resonates with your respective audience.

Utilize User-Generated Content to Boost Reliability

User-generated content (UGC) has already emerged as a key content type to illustrate and explain the value of your products to the target users. On social media platforms where users don’t hesitate to share content showcasing their lived moments, it can be utilized to a great extent by the app marketers. The user-generated content also helps to create a vibe and a lifestyle element concerning your app.

User-generated content can easily showcase the ways the app can make value additions and improve the lives of people in real-life contexts. Moreover, such content also creates a stamp of reliability and trust with the real users involved in persuading the would-be users.

Have A Consistent Social Presence

Having a social media profile and posting content for a few days is not challenging as you don’t need any special expertise for this. But the real challenge is to maintain the presence with regular content publication over a period of time. You need to spread the brand news and about your products far and wide with consistent content creation and publication.

Publishing fresh content every once in a while and striking collaboration with other content creators in your industry is the key to your success. From behind-the-scenes publishing stories about the app developers innovative effort to explaining the app benefits in real-life contexts, there is a multitude of ways to do this. If you can publish content across other blogs or channels, you can expect them to return the favor and publish your content in return. This effectively allows you are getting social media mileage of other content creators as well.

Utilize App Review and Ratings

Most online buyers these days decide on purchasing anything based on the reviews of others. Social media reviews play the role of a big mover and shaker for app marketing success. If you want to make your social media presence more convincing for marketing the app, utilize the app reviews and ratings to the fullest extent.


All the above-mentioned ways to market and promote mobile apps through social media have already been used successfully by a horde of mobile apps across the niches. If you are looking for a low-budget marketing strategy for your mobile app and bank heavily on social media for this, you cannot do away with these techniques.

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