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How to Succeed in Direct Sales While Having a Job and a Family

How to Succeed in Direct Sales: One season at a national conference a group of consultants were sharing how challenging it was to keep up with their full time job, their part-time direct sales business, and run a family. In short, they did not see how it was possible to find the time to make prospecting calls for recruiting. As I listened to them, it was easy for me to empathize.

If you have a full-time job and a family, in addition to your direct sales business, you might not only be wondering how you’re supposed to fit in prospecting calls to recruit people, but also prospecting calls to book home parties as well.

Whether you have a family waiting for you when you get home or not, what I want you to understand is that as soon as you walk in that door, you will want to relax. And your brain is going to give you justification after justification why you deserve a break and can wait until tomorrow to make all those prospecting calls.

This might surprise you but I am not going to tell you to ignore that brain of yours. Instead, I am going to show you how to relax, enjoy your family and your evening, and move your direct sales business ahead.

The reason it is so hard to get yourself to make phone calls once you get home from work is that you have to push both physically and mentally against the current. Ever try to run or ride your bike against the wind? If you have, you know how difficult that is to do, and that is what it’s like when you come home from a full day of work and have to “work up” the energy to work again. Nine times out of ten it does not sound fun, which is why you put it off until tomorrow, and then the day after tomorrow, etc.

The key? Make those prospecting calls before you ever walk through the front door, so that once you do get home, you can enjoy being with your family and relax.

Here is what I suggest: Every evening write down the phone numbers of three to five prospects and/or customers in a little notebook. During your lunch hour, make at least one call (if you feel like making more, go for it, but make at least one). Completing one call will only take a few moments and you will not only have most of your lunch break to relax, but you will also be able to really enjoy it because you attempted to move your business ahead.

After work, find a comfortable spot at your workplace or even in your car to make another two to four phone calls. Believe it or not, even by making only three calls a day, you can move your business ahead. One of the most spectacular things about this business is the effect that consistency has on it. By making three calls six days a week, you end up making 72 calls a month.

Now, remember the group of consultants I heard talking about the challenges of building a bigger business, if one had a full-time job and a family alongside a direct sales business? I shared with that group this very idea, and at the next national conference they literally hunted me down to tell me their amazing results. Several had sponsored three people, and one woman had sponsored seven people by implementing that idea alone!

Sometimes the easiest way to make big things happen in this business is to take small but consistent daily actions that do not require you to suffer or sacrifice time with those you love.

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