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3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority

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[Webinar Recap]3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority:


“Just consider these statistics: The average cold email response rate is 1%, which means for every 100 people you email, you’re getting through to one person (and probably bothering the other 99)” (ClearBit). Lavender is an application for sales professionals to learn how to increase response rates and how to enhance individual emails. Their unique approach to analyzing and grading email effectiveness has positioned the software as a premier coaching tool.

We decided to collaborate with this highly intuitive company. Watch our webinar presentation with the CEO of Lavender, William E Balance,  “3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority ” here


What Can I Do to Hold the Attention of a Prospect?

In our discussion, William explained the importance of understanding emails from the perspective of the prospect. As a decision-maker receives a daily influx of emails, they have very little tolerance for fluff and complexity. As expected per these value-packed webinars, we had much more than 3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority.  This was one of our favorites. 


William notes

“Most people decide whether or not to delete an email in the first three seconds”

Your email has 3 seconds to catch their attention

If an email takes more than 14 seconds to read, or 50 words, then the prospect will likely lose interest altogether. 

William Ballance cites the value of simplicity and being conversational. To be simple in sales emailing is to leave out buffer introductions that distract from the purpose of your contact.

Lavender reports that around 70% of sales emails are considered too complex. Surprisingly enough, they say emails that are written at or below a sixth-grade reading level are found to be 31% more effective. If you find this shocking, you should listen to William’s explanation of the prospect perspective on our webinar. From this, you may learn how some of your efforts could be counterproductive to your success as a sales professional. 


CTR vs CTA: Call To Reply Instead Of Call To Action

Refrain from asking to schedule any meetings in the first email, rather aim simply to get a response. Address an implied pain point with a contextually relevant question. This is where you must become a conversationalist.

When you pose a question, put it in terms of yes/no or multiple choice. This makes answering you easier for them. Then you can quickly follow up with more specific questions and sentiments about the value of your solution.

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Write Great Cold Emails That Get Responses With Lavender

In addition to 3 tips, William shared, for becoming your prospects top priority.  He also explained some of the specific tools that Lavender offers its users. Their artificial intelligence has analyzed billions of successful emails to identify keys to improving response rates. In combination with exclusive team tools, Lavender offers several key assets for efficient emailing:

Sales Email Assistant

  •  Works to enhance the phrasing and structuring of your sentences to maximize potential response likelihood. 
  • Not only does it check for grammar and spelling errors, but the AI optimization calls for adjustments relevant to evaluative criteria like simplicity. 
  • The Sales Email Assistant can be downloaded for free and users can access this extension conveniently in the same tab that an email is being constructed.

Next Best Action

  • Your email is given a numerical grade in accordance with AI standards derived from extensive analysis. 
  • You are prompted with potential areas of improvement and suggestions on how to improve. 
  • Assigns weighted values to areas where revision is needed based on the likelihood of impact to the response. Here, you can see how each adjustment would influence your score so that you can make the most meaningful changes.

Prospect and Company Research 

  • Allows you to quickly access a profile for the email recipient in order to gather information prior to contact. 
  • Utilizes Clearbit data, data that is easily accessible such as social media postings. 

Mobile Editor and Preview 

  • Lavender reports that people are eight times more likely to view an email from their phone than from a computer. 
  • This means that most of the people you send emails to do not view your email in the same format that you do when you send it. 
  • Because of this, it’s important to use the Mobile Editor and Preview tool to take a look at the structure and appearance of your email on a mobile device. 
  • William Ballance gave this tip: for every one line of computer text, you take up around two lines of mobile text. 

(If you’ve enjoyed the collaboration between NASP and William Ballance, CEO of Lavender, be sure to check out “How to Write Great Follow-Up Emails with COO and CoFounder Will Allred”, one of LinkedIns top 10 voices in sales of 2021. If you want to get a first-hand account of the many more pieces of advice offered by William, watch our webinar here

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