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How to Write Your Sales Value Proposition

What is Sales Value Proposition?

A sales value proposition is the unique selling point of your service, product, or anything you offer to the customer/client/prospect. Most organizations put a limited amount of time on this feature and focus much of their attention only on doing what the competition is doing.

Therefore, it’s one of the essential aspects of a commercial business entity. Knowing the importance of how to write your sales value proposition is necessary for thriving growth and good commerce. Let us show you the critical steps of a perfect sales value proposition.

Steps To Write Your Sales Value Proposition for Business 

Here is the crucial stepwise approach to composing a sales value proposition for yourself.

Customer’s Needs: Why It’s Important to Understand Consumer’s Perspective and Requirements?

One of the best steps in writing is to take into consideration the understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements. Your services or products should cater to these demands perfectly. Otherwise, it’s like firing a spent cartridge. Sales business failures are directly linked to ignoring this strong demand.

Identifying prospects is one of the best ways to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about why it’s beneficial for you to accept the offer. After doing this practice, you will clearly understand the punchline used for discussions. Therefore, this step is the first and essential one in business management.

Value Added Service: What Are You Offering Different?

This is the part where you offer that will strike your customer’s heart. Show that you feel for them and their needs are still unfulfilled by the currently in use option. Offer them value-added service that shows your commitment to their demands. Your prospects or customers should feel that you are presenting the best option for them. 

Similarly, it would be best if you also made them realize that no one is offering the same offer you have presented upfront. Thus, writing your sales value proposition depends on the deep emotional connection you will share with your clients. Although most services are always the same, you can somehow create a difference by studying your competitor’s offering and giving something, they cannot provide.

Industry best practices also set a viable and practical example for your business proposal. Incorporating your core values of customer care and duty into your commercial objectives are a successful way of showing your consumer that you care more for them. 

Identifying Target Audience: Who Will Be the Beneficiaries of Your Products/Services Sales Value Proposition?

In writing your unique sales value proposition, identification of the people or group of beneficiaries is of utmost importance. This step requires a sense of urgency in managing and carefully curating the target segment. And also, the audience is enlightened by your offerings and objectives for the betterment of their lives.

Contrary to this belief, some businesses tend to target and add everyone randomly. This mistake results in zero success and shows an unprofessional approach to the corporate sales model. For real state leads, this should be presented as people who want to buy a house; therefore, all the benefits need to be interpreted to add value to mental comprehension and purchasing power.

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Introduction of Distinctive Features: What’s Different About You That Sets You Apart from Others?

A commercial sales value proposition is best when its foundations are based on distinct features compared with your competitors. Offering a unique description helps you know how to write the cause and effect of business operation failures and their prevention.

On the other hand, your trade value proposition should describe the key points previously never offered in any sales call. As the business drives the extent of sales, a unique feature motivates the consumer to give you a buy-in signal. This can be said to be a win-win situation for both the business and the user of that commodity or product.

Add Conviction to Sales Call: Why Do You Need to Prove Your Product/Services Are Better?

After writing all the prominent features and benefits of services, you will give to your clients. It’s time to add the conviction statement as the last nail in the coffin. Further endorsing the previously agreed points by the consumers.

After finalizing your differentiation, you can also attach statistics that should be factual and expose buyers to the truth. A proposal with no conviction is just a paper that will be wasted in the bin. 

In recent years, internet and video content availability has made consumers make up their minds. Proving yourself better than others is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, add the power punch tag lines that will remain in the buyer’s mind for days and weeks. Thus, forcing them to accept your product on a merit basis.

Relevancy to Current Trends and Demands: Why Sales Value Proposition Needs to Be Updated?

A perfect way to write a sales value proposition is to make it relevant to current trends and demands of the consumers. A sales call about an outdated product with few, or almost zero users require no attention. 

On the other hand, users require solutions that should be what is needed for them. Outdated or ahead-of-time solutions are both a failure in many business models. From defence industries to technologies, only the relevant solutions are chosen. 


Knowing these simple yet technical aspects will help you write your sales value proposition about any services or solutions you offer. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned here for rapid business growth.

About the author

Pearl Holland is a business intelligence specialist and author as well, and She has served in many prominent financial magazines such as Financial Times, Bloomberg, etc. Apart from being an author, she loves to speak on many things related to business and sales in many online communities.