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Know Your Audience When Choosing Promotional Items

Remember, the client is the one on the receiving end of your business’s promotional products so it is important to cater your promotional arsenal to fit your target client’s demographic.

Study after study has been conducted–such as the ASI study–finding that there is a vast difference between which promotional items work best for certain niches. For instance, seniors tend to favor functional items such as mechanical pencils and planners while teens and young adults are more prone to jump on the more conventional items like branded tees and hats, as well as items pertaining to food. Luckily, companies such as Quality Logo Products have begun carrying a diverse selection of promotional items, suitable for just about any need.

Age is not the only demographic you have to watch out for; other factors need to be considered as well. For instance, is your target audience composed mainly of males or females? It has been found that each gender tends to favor certain promotional items over others. A female, for example, would most likely opt for a fashionable Quality Logo tote bag over a baseball cap, where a male would most likely favor the exact opposite.

While race and ethnicity seem to be a controversial topic, nothing could be further from the truth when talking about promotional goods. While race is not the largest factor to consider, studies have revealed that Caucasian individuals are going to place much more emphasis on the branding aspect of a promotional item, whereas someone of the African-American race will tend to place more focus on the uniqueness of the product.

In a nutshell, know your audience. In accomplishing that you should be able to fashion your promotional items to cater accordingly. Check out Quality Logo Products for more products and even some innovative ways to implement said products.

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