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Mindset in the Sales Industry

Mindset in the Sales Industry: Being a younger salesperson, not having ended high school yet, I definitely get a little different take on the industry. For me, being certified opens doors and brings credibility to the table. At first glance, I’m “some kid” trying to make it in the sales world. Having to push that much harder, to show I can hang with the best of them. The Certified Professional Sales Person course is what’s going to help get me to that high level of salesmanship.

As we all know, mindset is a major part of sales. We must have confidence in ourselves, our business, and our product. Understanding where you’re at is extremely beneficial in becoming a better salesperson. We must realize our strengths, the key components of why we do what we do, what drives us, and how we act throughout the sale. What we may not realize is that getting into a better mindset can directly affect our sales.

For me, I tend to be as positive as possible no matter what the outcome is. Either way, we get something out of the situation, whether it is for the better or worse. Going into a sale with a positive outlook, rather than “This probably isn’t going to work,” sets up the sale from the very beginning.
During the sale, have the mindset that you are there to solve a problem for the customer (whether they know it or not), rather than you’re trying to solve your problem, which is generally making a profit. Humans are self-focused, and being able to make the sale about the customer leads to better results, as they feel important. Once their problem is fixed, so is yours.

Another main part of mindset is being determined. You have to be adaptive, and be able to bounce back from a loss. As Barb Girson says “Fall in love with the word NO!” This gives you an opportunity to step back and think about what didn’t work. Not being stuck in the same sales rut, but changing up your style for different types of customers is a skill that many have trouble developing. Being willing and determined to better yourself and your tactics is a mindset that will benefit not only yourself, but your company as a whole.

Wanting to become better, and having the positive outlook necessary for a successful sale is important. But realizing that the sale isn’t about us is what I believe to be the most imperative. Let the customer know how invaluable they are to your business, and they will produce results for you.

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