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Online Sales Reach A New Level In 2021

Online sales are often a good indicator for those trying to understand in which direction e-commerce will be moving in the nearest future. Indeed, both marketers and business owners need to take note of the latest developments in online sales to better understand what their further marketing actions should be. Hence, here’s everything online store owners need to know about online sales and how they have reached a new level in 2021.

Latest Tendencies in E-Commerce

To put it simply, most of the developments in e-commerce seen today are the result of the changes in this field over the past decade. Because technology became an integral part of our lives in the 2000s and then in the 2010s, we now order many products online simply because it is easier and allows us to have more freedom of choice.

That being said, because of the rise of online stores, competition has risen just as quickly. Almost anyone can now open an e-commerce store and successfully sell goods and services on it which is why business owners and marketers are now looking for new ways to reach more and more customers from all over the world.

How The Pandemic Impacted Online Sales

Luckily for many e-commerce business owners, the global pandemic has seemingly helped online sales to rise to a new high. In 2020, the e-commerce sales had reached such a high degree of growth that it was a massive difference from all the past years. But in 2021, the growth is expected to slow down. Still, many promise it to be around 14.3% with the worldwide e-commerce sales approaching the $5 trillion mark.

As Clarke Glover from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge points out, “It’s amazing how a global change like a worldwide pandemic can make such a great impact on online sales. People are sitting at home and ordering things they need – and even things they don’t need. There are fewer opportunities for visiting physical stores which makes online stores so much more popular even among those who have never shopped online.”

E-Commerce Trends of 2021

So, what exactly can be expected from 2021? Obviously, there will be more changes ahead when it comes to online sales. They won’t continue growing as they did in 2020, but there will still be some growth and some trends will return from the past. Here are the key e-commerce trends to watch out for and adapt to in 2021:

  • AR Will Enhance Shopping Experiences: Augmented Reality has been around for ages now with business owners and marketers already using it quite often to boost sales. But the difference is that now AR technologies will help brands better connect with their target audiences. When a customer gets a good experience with your store, they will associate positive emotions with your brand and will keep coming back for more or recommending your brand to others thus giving you more exposure.
  • AI Will Help Shops Learn More About Shoppers: Artificial Intelligence has likewise played an instrumental role in marketing. It is used in different software and allows business owners to better analyze the market. But at the same time, AI technologies can help learn more about shoppers and better understand them. Customer behavior can sometimes be unpredictable, but AI-powered technologies can help find patterns in this behavior and more smartly devise a further plan of action.
  • Voice Search Will Play A More Prominent Role: Because so many people are already using mobile devices on a daily basis, more and more people opt for using virtual or voice assistants helping them perform tasks even without actually touching the devices themselves. Voice searches go even further looking up the necessary information for customers. But for business owners, this means they will need to adapt to such changes better. Voice search results are not always the same as regular search results or even mobile search results, so it’s worth looking more into this topic.
  • Big Data Will Be Used More Extensively: Another interesting way business owners are trying to learn more about shoppers is by using big data. When it comes to big companies and corporations, this is relatively easy. But small business owners can’t always have access to such large amounts of data to analyze. Online store owners simply can’t collect so much data. And yet, there are ways to do this with the help of specific programs and software which will allow e-commerce business owners to find, collect, store, analyze, and use big data.
  • On-Site Personalization Will Individualize Experiences: AR, AI, and big data are all just tools for making customer experiences better. In some ways, they can help personalize these experiences while in other ways, they aid in individualizing them. Likewise, on-site personalization that comes in different forms can also help individualize experiences in multiple ways as long as the approach is correct and your actions are calculated.
  • Chatbots Will Further Assist in Customer Support: Chatbots are also a great way to improve customer experiences but in a somewhat different direction. Chatbots specifically help improve customer support, so in many ways, they are essential for your online store even if you haven’t worked with them before.
  • Subscriptions Will Keep Customers Coming Back: Lastly, subscriptions can keep customers coming back for more. Newsletters are being sent out via email already, but social media followers can also have direct access to your brand promo materials. It’s possible that even new similar subscription-based approaches will develop in the coming years and specifically in 2021 revolutionizing the way e-commerce is managed.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s important to remember that history repeats itself which often time means that the past trends in e-commerce can come back. But at the same time, such unexpected worldwide changes as global pandemic can be either detrimental or incredibly helpful to business owners depending on how you use the situation to your advantage. Remember about the expected e-commerce trends of 2021 and align your strategy accordingly.

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