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How to Promote your Brand without Social Media

promote business no social media

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Promoting a business without social media


There is a lot said and written about the promotion in social networks. This is a great way to make yourself known. But outside the communities there is life. And the next step is to promote brand offline.

1. Attract attention of media

Think up a brand story: what makes it unique and why are you better than competitors? Next, look for a platform where you can tell it. Not necessarily struggling to get into the federal TV news release. Check out websites, mom’s blogs with a big audience, newspapers, magazines, TV channels and radio stations.

Think about why it might be interesting for them to tell readers, viewers, listeners, about your business, and play on it, telling the success story of the brand. Remember that it is necessary to speak briefly and to the point, but at the same time to intrigue media representatives, so that they would like to talk more about your business.

If the first 4-5 editions failed, try changing the legend, submit it from the other side.

The easiest way is to blog: ask the owner to try your product and write your opinion about it (or tell in the video). Try this option if you are 100% sure of the quality and benefits of your product.

2. Share experience

You opened an online store, found suppliers, set pricing, tested delivery methods, launched advertising. Create your own strategy and time management. This is a unique experience that can be used to promote a business:

  1. speak at a professional conference;
  2. conduct a master class for students of the local university or start-up entrepreneurs;
  3. participate in the business webinar as a guest expert;

The knowledge you want to share should be useful to the audience. If you can not understand for whom you want to speak and what to tell, hold this idea.

3. Use email marketing

Email marketing is useful for any business. If you don’t know where to start, read where to find mailing list subscribers and how to write a welcome letter.

Effective email marketing is a gamble, to win it, you need to constantly enthrall customers with something new. If you send interesting and useful letters that you want to share with friends, subscribers will become evangelists of your brand and products.

When was the last time you opened the letter to read about the offers? More often, promotional mailings are immediately sent to spam. This is because the topics of the letters are the same: “Buy our goods as fast as possible” and “Rather, read this letter.” Do not repeat these mistakes.

Instead, come up with a header that the reader will catch while flipping through incoming mail. Heat interest further. Do not spam with useless information, otherwise, you risk to fall under the spam filter. In the letter write something informative, funny, so that the subscribers waited for your letters and read them with pleasure.

4. Become a sponsor of an event

The simplest way to make your brand recognizable in the society is to be a part of society. Become a sponsor of a local event so that your company name is shown on flyers, tickets or advertising booth. You can become a regular sponsor, for example, a youth sports team. Or organize an interesting event yourself.

Participate in charity events. Philanthropy is the future of marketing, and brands are actively using it. Already the majority of small and big companies are engaged in charity. Send some part of the earnings to charity – a good deed that will help you and in the promotion. Just help sincerely.

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5. Find business partners

Tie up a mutually beneficial partnership. If you sell flowers, make friends with decorators, wedding and festive agencies. If you make your home baking business while at maternity leave, make cookies, cakes, and sweets at all possible events for your friends. They will tell clients about you, and you will in response place their advertising on the site or add information to your newsletter.Take into account that building business with men and women aren’t the same. Consider different strategies for dealing with them.

6. Advertise

The main thing here is to choose the right place for doing it. If you earn by delivering meals to offices, then the best option is to place a banner near the business center. Then it will be constantly seen by people whose solution you are dealing with. Parenting goods, for instance, should be placed where there is a huge stream of women. Advertising location should be based on your goals and target audience. You understand the idea.

In addition, advertising should be noticeable and understandable. A potential client should quickly figure out what is being offered to him and where to call or write if an offer is interesting.

7. Print advertising

Advertise in local newspapers or magazines. This method is good because the Internet is not all. To track the effectiveness of advertising, offer a discount to customers who call the ad and call the code word. Let there be different words in different newspapers and magazines. Thanks to this trick you will understand which sources lead to you more customers.

8. Brand the car

Turn your car into advertising on wheels, and it will work for you every day, regardless of whether you put the key in the ignition. Follow the usual advertising rules: a potential customer should immediately understand what you are selling and where to call if he needs it.

Do not spare money on the fact that advertising on cars was made beautifully and efficiently. Still, now it’s two in one: the car you drive every day and the face of your brand. The car should please you.

9. Give out presents

Give gifts that you can touch. Small souvenirs, but always useful or cute. At a sporting event, you can distribute branded water for free. During the summer event in the open air – branded caps. At the conference, women with home business usually hand out sweets, cookies or hot dogs in a package with your logo.

Add a nice souvenir to the customer’s order. And be sure to please the gifts of regular customers or partners. In this case, this is not so much advertising as increasing brand loyalty.

Brand awareness depends on how much effort you put into promotion. Here are only several methods of marketing without the use of social networks, but none of these methods will not get rid of worries to promote. They work in a complex – try everything until you mix your perfect cocktail of promotion methods for your business.

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