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Prospecting – Sound Qualifications Techniques Yield Better Sales Results in B2B Sales

Traditionally organizations have adopted a “Spray & Pray” technique to sell products and services. Maximizing the exposure of the product & services and engaging everyone into in-depth conversations on the solutions was seen as a good thing.

However in the era of digital marketing & sales and in specific context of B2B sales, qualifying the right customers is the cornerstone to a successful sales career. The pitfall of taking your product to every business house you know is not a prudent way to attain sales success.

A careful study of the prospective customer, buying behavior, current needs, future growth, product fitment, value proposition, relationship and connect are all critical attributes to be considered. This analysis can take couple of hours to couple of weeks. Sales professionals might need to use digital channels and personnel connects to get validated information.

Profiling a potential customer also gives the sales professional the right insights to engage them better and creating a customer tailored business value proposition.

Among all the attributes used for qualifications – buying behavior is of prime importance. A deep understanding of a customers buying or procurement process, the format of grading, the stakeholders involved in the selection are all critical information. If the sales professional does not have access to this information, it is probably prudent to focus efforts on other pursuits.

In addition to these generic attributes, each product and service has its own unique sets of custom capabilities. For example an Airline Reservation System has hundreds of functions and capabilities. As part of qualifications, it is also essential to have a clear understanding of what functionality is of highest priority and “perceived as highest business value”.

In summary, spending more time on qualification will give you more time and information to make your pursuits powerful and successful.!

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