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Spice Up Lead Generation with Quality Data

Are your lead generation efforts meeting expectations? That’s what Ascend2 wanted to know when it interviewed 375 marketing, sales, and business professionals for its Lead Generation Strategy Survey late last year. Only 13 percent of respondents felt their lead generation efforts were “very successful.” While they may be ready for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the others who are only “somewhat” or “not at all” pleased with their results definitely need to spice up their lead generation strategies. If you’re in that “somewhat” category — or worse — a company profile database can provide the zip you’re looking for.

Quality Data is Key

According to the Ascend2 study, 35 percent of those surveyed said the biggest barrier to lead generation success is the lack of quality data. The right business information database can improve your ability to target prospects and generate leads that are hotter than a habanero chili.

Three Ways to Leverage a Business Database for Lead Gen

1. Enhance your CRM and prospecting tools with more complete data. Your lead generation efforts are only as good as the data behind them. If your data has gaps or is unreliable, your sales and marketing efforts can’t reach their potential. A best-in-class business database allows you to build out more robust records CRM with company information and append additional prospects to your contact lists based on criteria you determine, from a specific industry to a region.

2. Expand your reach with corporate families information. If you aren’t taking advantage of your existing customer base to improve lead generation, you’re missing the low-hanging fruit. Using a business database that includes corporate hierarchies gives you greater insights into likely prospects by helping you identify cross-sell or up-sell opportunities within the same corporate family.

3. Realize efficiencies in your sales and marketing efforts. Everyone is busy these days. If you’re targeting the wrong prospects, your marketing efforts are wasted. With a robust, reliable business database, you can create more targeted marketing campaigns and use added contact information to engage with prospects via more channels. The information can help sales teams developed more focused territories and make sales trips more efficient by identifying additional prospects within the same zip code.

Where could you take your lead generation efforts empowered with targeted, reliable information? An online business database like Corporate Affiliations offers company profiles and directories that can enhance your CRM data, bring focus to your sales efforts, and ultimately, empower your lead generation efforts so you’ll be ready to join the Cinco de Mayo celebrations too.

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