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The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Sales People

The dictionary defines effective as ‘exerting influence’ or ‘capable of having a striking effect’. Almost all great Sales People fall into this category. What does it take to be highly effective? Is it the same as being efficient? Many of us find that though we are the latter, our efforts are hardly recognized. So, if you have been struggling to become effective, here is a list of habits that you may consider imbibing.

Sales People who are highly effective have certain qualities that are common. Here are a few you could cultivate:

Be proactive : Stephen R. Covey, in his highly influential bestseller ‘The 7 habits of Highly Effective People’, outlines the habits of such People. Being proactive tops the list. Whether it was Gandhi or Victor Frankl, who defied the horror of the Nazi death camps to become a great psychiatrist, effective Sales People are undaunted by their environment. They decide the path they will take and follow it no matter what.

Focus on the goal : Whether it was Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King, they all started out with a goal. What is it that you wish to achieve in 10 or 20 years? Effective Sales People have a goal before they start out. Once you are clear about the destination, you can build the steps you need to get there.

Concentrate on the here and now : Effective Sales People have the habit of starting from where they are from the moment they have set their goals. Gandhi may have gone on to lead a nation to freedom, but he started out by realizing his ideals among a few Indians on a farm in South Africa. Effective Sales People know the importance of putting first things first.

Focus on the greatest good : An important habit that goes much against effectiveness is the general tendency to think only of one’s own victory or success. Effective Sales People think of change not just for themselves but for all their fellowmen in similar circumstances.

Stress on communication : All effective Sales People are great communicators, which includes being a good orator as well as a good listener. Covey referred to this as ‘seek to understand, then to be understood.’ Listen with empathy and note not just the meaning of the words but also the feeling underlying them.

Constant self renewal : Covey used the words ‘sharpen the saw’ to define this habit. A process of renewal and rejuvenation that nourishes your mental, physical and emotional powers is a must if you want to be effective. How can you have an impact if you yourself are tired and worn out?

Respect for all : The ability to synergize is the universally acknowledged habit that all effective Sales People had. It means to incorporate each individual into the whole without losing sight of their individual differences.

Go to the root cause : If you wish to be effective you have to ask the question ‘Why?’- not just once, but many times. Only then can you come to the root cause. Without uprooting this, you will find that the same problems recur.

Reflect on yourself and cultivate these habits to make yourself a highly effective person.

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