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The Four Things Every Employee Can Do To Increase Sales And Profits

We all know the customer is the most important person in our business, but sometimes we forget that the second most important person in the business is any employee that comes in contact with our customers in anyway. Plus the employee that contacts the customer face-to-face, so to speak, is the person who represents the business in the customers mind. If that representation is not a great experience for the customer, the business suffers.

Yes the contact with every customer every time must be a great customer experience because we must out service the competition. Staying even with them is not good enough.

There are 4 things every employee can do to increase sales and profits for the business.

  1. Treat every customer like a millionaire: Just think of it this way. If you knew the next customer to come through your front door was a millionaire, capable and ready to purchase your most expensive products and services, at your highest markups, how would you treat them? Most of us would role out the red carpet. Fall all over them with great service. Spare no effort to satisfy their ever need and want.

    Well first of all you do not know if that next customer through your door is going to be millionaire. Millionaires for the most part do not look, dress, or sound different than everyone else. And even if they are not a millionaire, people will buy more products and services when they get treated like one.

  2. The second thing every employee can do to increase sales and profits is get the customer involved in the sale:
    When I owned and operated a jewelry store we outsold all of our competition combined by simply getting as many different pieces of jewelry on the customer as possible. When women came into our store we strived to get her to try on a necklace, ear rings, bracelets (arm and ankle, rings, pins, etc. all at the same time. The old seller’s rule- The more products the customer views themselves as owning, the more they will buy. Possession becomes ownership.

    In our tire business we involved the customer by having them lift the tires we wanted to sell them, not just look at them as our competition did. We outsold all of our tire competition. Our furniture business was successful because we involved the customer in the sale. No one ever walked into my mattress department that did not lie on at least 3 of our beds. Even while selling intangibles like extended warranties and service contracts we involve the customer in the sale. Physically by having them do the math (the cost savings they will receive or expenses they will insure) and mentally picturing the problems they may encounter if they do not purchase the coverage.

  3. The third thing every employee can do to increase sales and profits is always give the customer choices of products and services to purchase. People always take the easy way out and saying no to a request for them to buy is easier than saying yes. After all, most people do not want to give up their money. And people like to shop around to make sure they are getting the best deal. When you give the customers a choice of products and services, it is no longer – “Will they buy from you or the competition, it is what will they buy from you.”
  4. And the last (fourth) way every employee can increase sales and profits is simply ASK FOR THE SALE.
    It is estimated that over 90% of sales people never actively ask for the sale. Sure they show the products and tell about their services, but they never ask for the sale. They never ask for the sale because they are afraid to the customer will say the one terrible word that will cause them to feel rejected. The word “NO”.

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky once said when asked why he shoots the puck so much, “I miss 100% of the shots I do not take.”

The easiest way to ask for the sale over and over again is constantly give the customers choices of different products and services that will solve his/her problems, needs and wants.

Always remember the # 1 rule of selling: “The seller that solves the customer’s problems, needs and wants the easiest for them, will get the sale.”

Make it easy for your customers to make a buying decision from you.

  1. Treat them all like a millionaire
  2. Get them involved physically and mentally in the sale
  3. Give them choices
  4. Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask and keep on asking for the sale

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