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The Power of Positvity

How the mind can influence everything

“The Power of Positivity”

The power behind positivity is the inside lining of your sales magic. This power requires your focus, belief and confidence. This is probably the most important asset you can have in your career. If you believe you can , you will! In sales you will meet all kinds of people , most will inspire you, some will disappoint, some will discourage, and some will just be a drag.Never let these not so great days define you. There will be times you will take it on the chin. This to shall pass , if you persevere. There are many ways to handle the anxiety associated with sales.Some drink their troubles away, not a good idea. Exercise is a good way to release tension. Retail therapy can be helpful, but try the discount stores, based on your level of anxiety, you could get yourself in trouble! Finally what I like to do when I have one of these days, is to go right out and do one of the most difficult sales functions, cold calls. Maybe I’m crazy, but it usually pulls me out of a funk, and reminds me there are always more fish in the sea. Whatever the case may be, if you are in sales you will experience one of these days. No matter what sales gurus tell you.This is the real world of sales, if it were easy, everyone would do it. So the next time you are planning a sales strategy , imagine you have the account and they have said yes.There have been times when I have done this, and the customer agrees as if they have accepted my offer as well. It is tricky, and timing is key to success. No mater how difficult the situation, always have “The Power of Positivity” on your side before you go after your next big account.

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