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The Reasons Why Sales Reps Spend Little Time Selling and in CRM

22% of Sales Representatives Utilize Time Management Practices

If you want to be a successful salesperson, you will need to be good at time management. According to a new study, most sales representatives spend less time on selling and more time on conducting activities. This study is based on over 720 sales representatives who were interviewed and/or surveyed.

About 64.8% of their time is devoted to activities which don’t generate any revenue while merely 35.2% of their time is spent on selling-based activities. Field sales representatives devote 3.1% extra time than inside sales representatives to selling activities.

22% of Sales Representatives Utilize Time Management Practices

Around 22.9% of sales representatives utilize structured time management practices of some kind. As far as their time goes, about 17.9% of it is devoted to CRM.

How is this possible? It is possible because sales representatives devote 14% of their worktime to administrative duties and 24% to downtime tasks, which include messaging colleagues and using Facebook. When it comes to effectiveness, these activities were ranked very negatively by various studies.

Right now email brunches as well as Facebook messenger are considered to be old-fashioned and ineffective. The leader of corporate communication belongs to Slack. People who are using this messaging platform at the regular base admit that Slack brings a lot of opportunities to their workflow. Firstly, the possibility to create a group, private channels gains numbers of advantages for all employees: everybody is informed about what is going on at the company. Secondly, Slack app directory provides a range of apps to make Slack a place where you can run some work processes.

Most sales representatives spend 62.8% of their time on sales technology. Another 33.2% of their time is spent on sales-related emails. Finally, they use 0.4% of their time using tools which collect sales intelligence.

CRM has not used as much anymore. Sales representatives spend more than 9.1% of their time on spreadsheets because they’re trying to manage tasks related to CRM more effectively. Technologies go further and now salespeople are able to run CRM twice faster without a need to log in to the system.

We are now experiencing the new transformation of CRMs. This involves the introduction of the chat interface feature. The benefit of a chat interface is so users can easily perform any task in CRM without having to search for the necessary feature in their browser. You just need to type in a simple language into the chat interface, and then CRM will be is a good example of this type of tool. This lets users do the following:

1) Type to Establish Deals
2) Deal Search
3) Notifications

If you have any experience in marketing or sales then you understand how important it is to have customer relationship management systems. In this day and age, you must have a CRM if you are going to be successful at your business. It is capable of performing all the tasks that you depend on daily.

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