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What to Look For in a Sales Training Program

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With the economy struggling, it’s no wonder that countless professionals are turning back the clock and heading back to school to give themselves an extra competitive edge in today’s competitive marketplace. But these days, you don’t have to get out your #2 pencils to go to the front of the class; school is online now, and if you’re looking for a sales training program, you have plenty of options to sort through. So — what to look for? The cheapest deal? The shortest program? In short, the program to look for is ultimately the one that works for you. Here’s a shortlist of factors to consider:

  1. A Stellar Reputation — When looking for a sales training program, you want to look for one that comes highly recommended, by both sales professionals who’ve taken the course and corporations, who see the value in the course. With so many places to learn, it’s important to check your references and make sure you’re signing up for something that won’t waste your time, or your money.
  2. Access that Works for You — Whether it’s the right price, the right time or the right style, being able to access your sales training program in the way that you want to access it is key in choosing a sales training program. Hey — you’re an adult — you’ve earned the right to choose, so look for a sales training program that makes sense for you.
  3. Cutting Edge Research and Information — Want to learn sales techniques of the 1870s? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Before committing to a sales training program, make sure the program features cutting edge research and information. Consider how easy — yet complex — sales can be. There’s the psychology of sales, there’s sales strategies, there’s sales techniques…Find a program which features everything you want to learn about, and make sure the information’s current. Because you’re not planning on selling in the 1870s, are you?
  4. Job Placement Resources Once exclusively a feature of the University system, job placement centers and job placement resources are often offered online for graduates of sales training programs as a means to find work post-program. The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), offers placement for sales professionals that’s tailored to their level of certification and their unique seller style. Each CPSP (Certified Professional Salesperson) is routed to the kind of sales culture where they would best fit through the NASP Career Center, at which point, companies can selectively target their future employees for employment. It’s the traditional job seeker model flipped upside down, and we have to say, we kind of like it. Isn’t it time that job seekers caught a break?

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