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Learning Aggressive Sales Tactics



Are you tired of using the same old sales techniques that are no longer effective? Do you want to take your sales game to the next level and close more deals? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss seven aggressive selling techniques that can help you achieve your sales targets and exceed your goals.

From pro-active selling to scarcity selling, we will cover all the techniques that you need to know to become a top-performing sales professional.






7 Aggressive Selling Techniques



1. Pro-Active Sales


Pro-active selling is when you go out there and find new customers to present to. Talk to as many people as you can. It’s a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to sell.

This works best if you have an outgoing personality and find it easy to ad-lib. You need to be energetic and able to think on your feet! A chirpy upbeat personality will excel with this sales technique.

A positive attitude is a great way to increase sales.


2. Customer Led Selling


The ‘customer-led’ Sales Technique involves following your prospect’s lead. You wait for them to speak and then you respond in agreement. This Sales Technique is also known as Matching and Mirroring.

By agreeing with your prospect you make them feel like you are on their side. Rather than a salesperson trying to sell them something.

This Sales Technique suits those who are less assertive. A great deal of patience is required to use this technique. It may take several meetings or conversations before you make your offer and sale.

However, patience pays off and there is a high conversion rate using this sales technique.

In addition, refunds are low and customers tend to become lifelong customers — this is down to the early investment in the relationship.


3. Aggressive Selling


Aggressive selling is direct and straight to the point. Think ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, Market Stall Holders or Politicians! They have an idea or product and won’t stop until you’ve got it.

This sales technique is effective in a fast-paced selling environment but it’s not for everyone and can put some prospects off completely! This sales approach is aggressive and doesn’t suit many personality types.


4. Helpful Selling


Helpful is a much softer sales technique. The emphasis is on appearing helpful and informative rather than coming across as a salesperson.

Anyone can use this technique. In fact, it is currently one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE of all Sales Techniques.

In today’s society, people are hungry for information. They want to make their own choices and are wary of being ‘sold to’.

Helpful selling appeals to today’s customers. Helpful selling can be adopted by any salesperson. However, it is only effective if used genuinely. Otherwise, it can appear sly and untrustworthy if done incorrectly.



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5. Consultative Selling


Consultative selling is very similar to helpful selling. In this case rather than ‘helping’ a prospect make an informed choice. The sales agent is acting as a consultant, an expert in a particular field.

To succeed with this Sales Technique you need to be very confident and knowledgeable in your area. You have to present an impartial viewpoint at all times.


6. Rapport Led Selling


Building rapport is a Sales Technique that many sales professionals adopt without knowing it. Body language and rapport is a very subtle sales techniques. When studied and applied effectively it will Increase Sales Results.

This sales technique, if studied correctly, is understood and used discretely. Can be used in any industry to achieve amazing sales results. Rapport is the secret language, if you like, of the sales world.

Rapport building is one of the first aspects covered in Sales Coaching.


7. Scarcity Selling


Scarcity. People don’t like to think they are missing out. By creating scarcity for a product or service, people desire it more. Scarcity is used to drive people to take action. Scarcity uses EMOTIONAL sales to seal the deal.

Scarcity can be used effectively by almost any industry and is particularly useful in service-lead businesses. Any sales rep can learn to use scarcity in their sales conversations.

To your Selling Success!



In conclusion, choosing the right sales technique can make a significant impact on your success as a salesperson. While aggressive selling may work in some situations, it is not always the best approach.

It’s essential to consider the type of customer, industry, and product or service you’re selling when selecting a technique. Consultative selling, helpful selling, and customer-led selling are some of the most effective techniques, and building rapport is a crucial aspect of any successful sales strategy.


As a certified sales professional with NASP, you can learn more about these techniques and develop the skills you need to succeed in sales.

Have you considered which are the Best Sales Techniques for you to use? 

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