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How to answer “It’s all about price – and you’re too Expensive”


How to Respond to a Customer Complaining About Price

Complaints about price are perhaps one of the most frequently occurring complaints encountered by businesses. “I can’t afford it!” “It’s expensive!” “The price is too high!” No doubt you’ve heard complaints like these countless times as a small business owner.

Money is a sensitive issue for some people. So, if you are too expensive for your customer’s needs—or if that’s what they claim—how can you resolve the matter in a compassionate way without losing the customer in the process? This article will answer that question.


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It’s Too Expensive!”

When a customer complains about a product’s price, you shouldn’t let that shut down the conversation. Often, when a customer complains about an expensive price, they are saying more. Learn to read between the lines.


For example, if a customer complains that your price is too high, they may mean: 


  • They think the price is more expensive than it should be
  • Or, that your product’s price is too expensive when compared to other places.


If a customer says they can’t afford your price, this suggests that the price is more than they can afford, not that it’s more expensive than it should be.

Asking about the price range they have in mind can help you to find a compromise that will please the customer.



“Your Price Is Too High” Responses That Can Save the Sale

So, once you’ve figured out the real problem and found out a bit more about the needs of your customer—for example, their price range and what they want from your product—what are your next steps?

How can you know how to respond to a price quote complaint?


In this section, we’ll help you formulate a response to a customer who complains about an expensive price.


Highlight the Benefits of Your Service When a Customer Says You Are Too Expensive

When a customer complains about expensive prices, be sure to make a measured response. Rather than getting upset with them or inviting them to look elsewhere, if the client says your price is too high, you should respond with something like:


“I understand that price is important to you and that our product represents a big investment!
But, other than price, what else is important to you with regard to our product?”


Encourage your customer to list their most important criteria, apart from price. Then sum up those points back to the customer.

This shows that you were actively listening and that you understand their needs. Then, point out how your product meets the requirements of your customer. 


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If a Customer Says “It’s Too Expensive,” Remind Them They Get What They Pay For

Once you understand what factors are influencing your customer, you can help them see why your product’s price is so “expensive.” 

For example, say your customer is buying a birthday gift and wants quick delivery to ensure it arrives on time. When you quote the price of your product to them and they say it’s too expensive, you might say:


“You mentioned that quick delivery is of high priority to you.
Would you say that is less or more important than the price?”


So, if you are too expensive according to your customer, asking such questions can help them reevaluate how important price is to them. It is a great way of helping your customer understand why you price your products the way you do.



How to Answer the Price Question Compassionately

When responding to complaints about price, an important balance must be struck. On the one hand, you should never apologize for a product’s price.

But on the other hand, you should always exercise compassion when dealing with customers who find your product’s price too expensive. 


As mentioned above, money can be a sensitive topic for some people. Your customer could be going through a rough financial patch or might have been overcharged in the past, so they could be reluctant to meet your price.

The bottom line is, you don’t know what your customer is going through, so be sure to treat them respectfully.



How Will You Respond the Next Time You’re Told Your Price is Too High?

Dealing with complaints about price can certainly be difficult. But, hopefully, after reading this article, you feel more confident about dealing with such situations. Just remember:


  • Listen to the customer.
  • Take their needs on board. 
  • Demonstrate how you can meet those needs.


So, if you are too expensive according to one of your clients, how will you respond?

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