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Personal Qualities Needed to Become a Successful Sales Manager

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Do you want to become a sales manager?

Now’s the right time to start your career. The job outlook for salespeople is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of sales professionals will increase by 7% by 2030. And, you will have a great salary – a sales manager earns more than $60K a year on average. 

However, to become a truly successful salesperson, you need to possess a set of qualities that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

What are these qualities?

Take a look. 

1. Perseverant

The task of a sales manager is, of course, to convince and sell the product or service. That’s why you need to be persistent in your communication with a prospect. 

How can you become more perseverant in what you do?

For a sales professional, you need to know the product very well and stand by it (preferably). You need to know precisely how the product can help a customer, which pain points it can address, and when it is the right time to recommend it as a solution. 

Perseverance also has a lot to do with confidence, which stems from having strong skills and knowing your job from A to Z. You can read more on the must-have skills for salespeople in our article – they are indispensable to master on your way to success. 

2. Fluent in Foreign Languages

As a sales manager, you will work with people from different backgrounds. Knowing the language of your potential customer will help you make them feel more comfortable talking to you. 

Learning a foreign language can also make you more open-minded. As you master new words, read texts, and communicate with people, you learn their culture. 

However, for this to have a definitive effect, make sure to choose a language not similar to yours and hire a native speaker. For example, working with a Japanese tutor will show you the Japanese culture in different colors, help you get rid of stereotypes, and become more accepting. 

How do we know it will help?

Learning a language is not a one-time activity. It will take you quite a while until you actually become confident in your skills. Over time, you will notice how much mastering a different language can change your mindset. 

Grow you Skills, Become a Member

3. Goal-oriented

Every salesperson in any company has to work on a set of KPIs and make sure they put effort into increasing the company’s revenue. Thus, being goal-oriented is a must – it helps you remain focused and consistent with your work. 

How can you become more goal-oriented?

First and foremost, don’t try to be an overachiever. Surely, you might want to outcompete your colleagues, but it’s not about the competition; it’s about delivering high-quality results. So, break your bigger goals into smaller objectives and follow through. 

Prioritization is also key to becoming a go-getter. Put the most important tasks first and focus all your attention on them. You can also outsource smaller objectives to your teammates, if possible. 

4. Leader

According to a survey by SalesFuel, 4 out of 10 sales reps want to move up to a leadership position within a couple of years. They are striving to become leaders, and you should, too. 

People are not born with leadership qualities; they are rather a result of upbringing. However, you can obtain leadership qualities as an adult. 


  • Take on challenging tasks. 
  • Learn how to delegate. 
  • Communicate with your colleagues frequently. 
  • Ask your boss to mentor you. 

Yes, it means that you will have more work to develop leadership qualities, but if your goal is to become a successful sales rep, it’s better to start early. Besides, your boss will appreciate your desire to contribute. 

Over to You

Even if you think you don’t have the character to become a sales manager, it’s far away from the truth. If it’s your dream job and you love watching people work with customers, trying to make their life better, then you’re born to be a sales rep. 

So, while you work on your hard and soft skills, think about qualities you want to possess. The most important are perseverance, open-mindedness, leadership, and being goal-oriented. 

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