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Become an Affiliate


Unlike other professional development or sales training associations, NASP offers programs that support increased sales performance and lasting change in your career by reconditioning behavior and how you define yourself both consciously and unconsciously.

Over half a million people worldwide have utilized the conditioning systems our programs are built on, and by doing so experienced the necessary resistance and transformative growth in their career, mindset, influence, communication, and wealth.

We have proven results through our programs, with mountains of testimonials and social proof to back it up.  We also have PhDs on our team who continually research, update, and validate all our programs for maximum effectiveness and impact.

Why You Should Become An Affiliate

Whether you’re a fan of NASP, someone whose life has been changed because of our programs, and/or an affiliate looking for the highest quality products to offer, this is your chance to pass on the powerful success programs that NASP delivers and earn a referral fee for doing it.

If your life has been positively impacted by your involvement with NASP, like tens of thousands have, then you are probably already telling people about it.  Why not earn a referral fee along the way?

How It Works

For every customer who clicks on our banners or links in your emails, blogs, social media posts, or website, and purchases the associated NASP program, you earn commission at the agreed-upon percentage for that sale. All commissions are paid in USD and can be paid via PayPal.

Once you join our Affiliate Program, you will receive complete instructions and best practices on how to utilize all the resources available to support you. Make the referral, spread the word, and get ready for your commissions!

Your Success is Our Success!