Certified Professional Sales Leader

Certified Professional Sales Leader

The Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL) is the leadership certification course in The 45 Day Challenge series, combining proven daily conditioning with the effective behavioral training necessary for you to become an even more extraordinary leader.

The program is designed for you to...

  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Cultivate leadership habits of the top Fortune 500 Executives
  • Become a master communicator
  • Gain the ability to influence in any situation
  • Speak directly to your employees needs and catapult them into massive action

In just 15 minutes a day you'll begin to make powerful changes in the areas of Communication, Leadership Performance and Team Building.


On-Time Point system, Completion Point system, daily reminder emails.


Viewed from any computing device with internet access, 24 hour access to complete your daily entries.


NO one will see anything you write in the program. You have access to your journal entries any time when you complete the program.


Theme Videos with Rod Hairston, CEO of NASP, and creator of the 45 Day Challenge Series and author of the book, "Are You Up For The Challenge? Starting Now Not Some Day"


Team of NASP Advisors provide you with coaching videos twice a week to support and guide you in the program. Contact your Advisor directly from within the program.


Have a question about the CPSL? Ask one of our expert Advisors.

Become Certified and change your career for the better. We guarantee it!

Program price USD $695.00