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NASP executive coaching certification

Do you want to inspire a whole company and Coach C-suite executives?

Certified Executive Coach & Speaker is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who want to
- get on stage to engage and influence an audience
- support and coach C-level executives in developing a growth culture, unlocking their team's true capability and growing revenue.

The CECS is for:

  • Executive coaches
  • Executive training providers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone wanting to become a master sales trainer and advice using NASP models

Start a new chapter of your life today

Pass on the knowledge to help others grow and become Sales Professionals

Sales professionals trust NASP:

The Certified Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker program is a comprehensive 5-year master certification designed to help sales leaders and professionals attain the unique and powerful skillset required to coach top executives and influence a large audience.

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What Benefits do you get?

The CECS program includes

Everything in CMST

  • Certified Professional Sales Person Certification
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader Certification
  • Advanced Sales Influence Program
  • 3 Years of Sales Mastery
  • Kick-start Program Bundle (Sales Success Principles, Power of Contact Marketing, Stage Power, Jump Start)
  • Certified NASP Advisor
  • Master Trainer 1
  • Master Trainer 2



  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Keynote Speaker
  • 2 additional years of Sales Mastery & Practicum – 5 Year total
  • Master Trainer 3 – Stage Presence

You would be able to

Learn new skills:

  • Taking the stage and engaging a crowd
  • Coaching C-Level execs to grow their influence
  • Leading interactive Training workshops

Get new Income Streams:

  • Keynote Speaking engagements
  • Executive Coaching compensation
  • Commission from NASP Sales with leads provided
  • Leading NASP Advising calls

The best time is now