How AI Technology Can Boost Your Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has become the norm when it comes to digital marketing and internet trends. We can no longer rely solely on hand-crafted web content in order to market certain products and services effectively.

A whopping 84% of enterprises in 2018 have decided to implement some form of AI in their content strategy. That being said, AI technologies that enhance the end-user's experience in digesting marketing content have evolved significantly.

With revolutionary discoveries of machine learning being available to the public, we are no longer limited to hand-made approaches to content marketing. With that said, let's dive into the benefits of AI technology in content marketing and how it can boost conversion rates and sales across the board.

Man VS Machine

The most important question raised by the marketing community is one of impending doom for said experts. Many believe that AI technologies pose a threat to people who spent years studying about marketing, both academically and in practice.

Truth be told, AI algorithms are only as smart as the hands guiding them in the right direction. Marketing experts across the globe can only benefit from AI technologies in their niche since they themselves can use these tools for the betterment of their practice. Man will never become obsolete despite the technological leaps AI algorithms continue to showcase over the years.

Content Curation Algorithms

One of the most useful implementations of AI algorithms today is the content curation process they offer. In short, marketing teams can use AI-driven tools and services to extrapolate useful information from their databases for future content creation.

This means that an AI can effectively tell you which content pieces worked and which ones didn't work for particular demographics. The process is much faster than anything a human would be able to do in the same short notice.

However, as we've mentioned before, this is where the AI outlives its usefulness in terms of content curation. The following creation and curation need to be handled by actual marketing experts, writers and designers respectively.

Chatbot implementation

Chatbots have become an integral part of customer support systems and content marketing in general in the recent years. These machine learning algorithms effectively use knowledge repositories given to them by the administrators to answer customer inquiries, take orders and offer support.

What makes chatbots so unique in the AI arena is that the nature of their work doesn't differentiate them from their human counterparts.

Customer support is one of the rare instances in which AI is perfectly capable of performing the same tasks as humans would. Recent surveys have shown that 60% of people admit to interacting with chatbots while using their favorite websites.

The reason behind this comes down to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) since most customers ask variations of the same questions again and again. Implementing chatbots in every aspect of your company website will effectively ensure that each visitor is engaged and satisfied with what you have to offer.

Custom User-Based Feeds

We are all familiar with the concept of social media news feeds and how they directly mirror the wants and needs of each individual user. The same principle can be applied to content marketing since each site visitor will have different expectations from you as a brand.

This can be applied by using custom cookies and AI algorithms that quickly filter content based on users' previous browsing habits. Essentially this enables you as a content provider to deliver content to specific users based on their own preferences -- not to a large audience as a whole.

While this may segment your audience in some capacity, keep in mind that most visitors you come across won't want or need to interact with other users of your site. Treating each user individually will ensure that you have a positive reputation as a caring content provider with meticulous marketing strategies.

Email Automation

Email remains one of the most important pillars of content marketing even today. Crafting effective sales pitches, feedback inquiries and newsletters is more complicated than it seems.

Ensuring that your email marketing is automated via AI technologies will allow your marketing team to focus on content creation. For example, your marketing team might come up with an interesting advertisement pitch that requires tailor-made content for each successful mail delivery.

Data analysis, email delivery and potential user inquiries combined with working on high quality content isn't easy. AI technologies can effectively cut the marketing team's input in half ensuring that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Solid Return on Investment (RoI)

An important question that genuinely gets tossed around whenever a new piece of technology is discussed is whether or not it's worth investing in it.

AI algorithms, machine learning programs and other automation tools are becoming cheaper by the day. So much so that most of the code can be found as a freeware resource on the web, available to eager programmers and clients who want to experiment.

However, every investment is only as smart as the person handling it. Make sure that you have a solid idea of how and why you want to implement AI in your content marketing before jumping to conclusions. AI can help you as much as it can harm your business -- pay attention to every detail.

The Human Touch (Conclusion)

It's easy to summarize the benefits of AI technologies in content marketing as a helpful tool for marketing experts. They are in no way or shape able to replace actual educated experts since their logic goes as far as the database lets them.

Make sure to have a marketing expert or a content creator readily available before implementing AI in your website. Combining the two will allow you to expand your content strategy and get much better SEO results.

Summary: The importance and benefits of implementing AI technologies in content marketing. A detailed summary of different aspects of AI tools in marketing campaigns and everyday online content strategies.
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    Thank you for the thorough review of Marketing tech Elise. I think there will soon be a time when implementations of a marketing strategy will be completely AI driven. From content selection to targeting and opportunity creation. That being said, humans still have their place in the process right now to handle the intangibles and factors that can't be picked up by technology.

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    I'm currently trying a new AI content creation tool, and I definitely have to "guide it" so that the content is in "my" voice. In this way, I totally agree that while AI will make content creation and digital marketing easier, there will (hopefully) always be a need for human interaction and intervention.

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