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Body Language, the importance of non verbals

Why recognizing your own body language , as well as your prospects builds instant rapport

Body Language

It is estimated that we gather information about a person we meet in the first sixty seconds. We look at their face, clothes, body and stance to make determinations whether this person is trustworthy,smart, friendly, hostile and much more. Non verbal communication accounts for 93% of overall communication. The breakdown is 55% body language, 38% vocal representation, 7% words. While these numbers have been debated ,one thing is certain, non verbal communication adds flavor to a otherwise flat dialogue. After all, wouldn’t it be great if you could read a potential buyer before they even speak a word? The sex of the individual also has a bearing on their body language. It is estimated that women display 6 facial expressions commonly when listening. Men only show a third as many facial expressions. The difference between these two sexes may be a by product of evolution.So in theory if you are a women speaking to a man, you are far better using a serious posture to appear more credible. if you are a man speaking to a women it may be to your advantage to be more tuned in to the emotional climate. The effort to learn effective use of body language will accelerate your sales process.

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